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A Little About McAllen, Texas


McAllen is Hidalgo County's largest city and ranks just outside of the top 20-most populated cities in the Lone Star State. Positioned on the country's border with Mexico and by the Rio Grande Valley, McAllen is a rich cultural center.

Nicknamed The City of Palms, McAllen is within an hour's drive of the Gulf of Mexico. A total of just under 150,000 people live in McAllen. The city is the fifth-most populous metropolitan area in the entire state of Texas.

Though few know it, McAllen was not settled until 1904. The area's delayed settlement is likely the result of its deep southern location far away from the rest of Texas and the United States as well as the area's hot and humid summers.

However, McAllen has enjoyed steady growth throughout the second half of the 20th century and the start of the 21st century. In particular, the North American Free Trade Association (NAFTA) has significantly increased economy activity in the greater McAllen area thanks to the uptick in trading with our Mexican neighbors to the south.


McAllen's growth in the early 20th century is primarily the result of the presence of the development of local railways. In fact, the man that the city is named after, John McAllen, donated local land to the Brownsville, St. Louis and Mexico Railway.

Around 5,000 acres of land were cultivated in East McAllen by 1911. Agricultural activity ramped up in the years that followed, highlighted by the plentiful grapes, broom corn, figs, citrus fruits, cotton and alfalfa. In total, about 1,000 individuals lived in East McAllen by 1911.

Fast forward to 1916 and 20,000 troops from New York were positioned in McAllen in an attempt to minimize disturbances at the border during the Mexican Civil War. The presence of these soldiers boosted the local McAllen economy, helping to increase the population sixfold by 1920.

The local population exceeded 9,000 by the early 1930s thanks to oil exploration activities, the construction of a winery, construction of wood-working plants and the addition of several tortilla plants. McAllen soon transitioned to a center for farm churgic and petroleum production.

By 1970, McAllen's population reached 38,000 as its oil, agricultural and tourist industries boomed. The city had an air-conditioned high school and a hospital with 200 beds by the early 1970s. In fact, this school was the first in the nation to be powered by turbines that use natural gas.

Fast forward to the 1980s and McAllen's primary industries were retail, farming and tourism. Today, McAllen's economy is buzzing, largely due to its proximity to the Mexican border where trade occurs with regularity and also because Texas has no income tax and low corporate taxes.

Take a spin through the city in your ride and you will find there is plenty of activity taking place throughout the entirety of the year. McAllen's spring, fall and winter months are quite enjoyable as temperatures are mild.

However, McAllen summers are quite hot, sometimes hitting triple digits with considerable humidity so make sure your car's air conditioning system is fully functional before driving through this border town in June, July, August or September.


Take a drive through town and you will find McAllen has more than its fair share of birds. In fact, birdwatching is one of McAllen's most popular activities. The city is located on a primary flyway as migratory birds move through the area when flying between North America and South America.

Embark on a bird or butterfly expedition in McAllen, take some snapshots with your digital camera or smartphone and you will agree this Texas city is quite beautiful. McAllen’s World Birding Center wing is open to the public. This site is officially known as the Quinta Mazatlan, a gorgeous historic Spanish colonial style mansion that is quite picture-worthy to say the least.

Additional local highlights include the International Museum of Art & Science, McAllen Botanical Gardens and the uber-popular Palm View Golf Course. Positioned to the south of Highway 83 on South Ware Road, Palm View serves as the host for several golf tournaments throughout the entirety of the year thanks to McAllen's mild weather.

In the summer, McAllen locals and visitors alike make a beeline to the city's first sprayground park, Zinnia Spray Water Park, positioned between Zinnia Ave. and 29th. This 18-hole course also features a driving range.

If you are a dog owner, be sure to check out the McAllen Dog Park where your pooch can run free and have some fun with other furry friends. Load up your bike in your car and head toward Trenton Road and Bicentennial Road where you will find the Bicentennial Bike Path.

Spin your wheels along this visually striking pathway and you will be tempted to stop to take pictures of the surrounding natural beauty. Are you considering selling your vehicle? If so, Cash For Cars will provide a fair offer without a lengthy wait. We pay top dollar for cars, trucks, sport utility vehicles and other automobiles. Reach out to us today to get a quote for your automobile.

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