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When you need to sell your Tesla, choose an innovative company that uses technology to create the best experience of selling a car possible.

Tesla is known for its outside-of-the-box thinking and its utilization of cutting-edge technology in its vehicles. The automaker has only been around since 2003, yet it has become a major automotive force due to its innovative integration of developing technology.

Tesla vehicles are more self-aware than any other vehicle on the market. They interact with each other and learn, sharing through information clouds. This hive-mind shared between Tesla vehicles is unlike anything that the auto industry has ever seen before. Not to mention they surpass most other vehicles in terms of a quality electric vehicle. Tesla is innovative and brings the 21st century to drivers and has rocked the auto industry to its core.


Sell Your Tesla to! uses technology to determine the price of your car, the market value of your car and weighs different aspects and features of your car to determine the fairest price possible. We have embraced technology to bring the best experience to our customers. With over 35 years of experience, thousands of happy customers, and reviews; there are few car buyers that have perfected the customer’s experience as we have.

The process is simple.

  1. Fill out our instant online quote to see how much cash you could get for your Tesla.
  2. Give us a call and speak to an offer specialist that will give you a guaranteed quote and schedule your time and location for pick up.
  3. Meet your tow driver at your scheduled time and location and have your check in-hand in 24 hours or less.

We have streamlined the process to make sure you get your cash as quick as possible. No hassle, no time commitment; just cash in-hand in 24 hours. When you need to sell your Tesla, sell to a company that innovates the way the Tesla does.

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