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Cash For Cars Customer Reviews

Our Mission is to make every selling experience a safe, easy and fast experience for all of our customers. Now you have the opportunity to see what actual Cash For Cars customer reviews are saying about our service and our guaranteed cash offers.

We pride ourselves on our award-winning customer service, and we’re constantly striving to grow and adapt to our customer’s needs, which is why we think honest reviews are important!

Customer service is not the only reason you should sell us your car. We have made it super easy and convenient to sell an unwanted car or truck. Our business has been helping customers sell used cars, trucks SUVs, and even commercial vehicles for cash, no matter what condition the vehicle may be in at the time of the sale.
When you contact Cash For Cars, you will be part of over 35 years of customer service and industry know-how. Our car buyers will walk through our easy 3-step selling process and take care of all the paperwork for you.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our Cash For Cars reviews below, complete a cash offer form on this page or simply give us a call now! You can also see more videos and check out our YouTube channel to discover more about!

Cash for cars Reviews

Kevin S. tells us about how he needed to sell a wrecked car and that he needed to sell the car fast. Kathi W. needed to sell a car that’s not running and Avery C. talks about how, when getting quotes from other companies, the Cash for Cars online quote was the highest quote she received! Each received great customer service, the most cash for their used cars, and were able to sell their car fast and easy!

Sell Your Car Fast and Easy

Alfonzo N. talks about how easy and painless it was to sell a car to Cash For Cars and how it is the best way to sell a car online! After deciding to sell his car and using our cash instant quote , he decided to sell to us because of how easy it is! Cash For Cars also gave him the best quote!

Sell Your Unwanted Car with Mechanical Problems

Patty K. needed help with selling her unwanted car with mechanical problems. Cash For Cars made it easy for her to sell her old car and get the cash to purchase a new one!

Transcriptions of Videos

Transcription for Testimonials:

“Well, I had a 2010 four-door sedan that I wrecked back in July. My engine motor went out on my car; so I needed to get a new motor, which was going to cost way too much money. I couldn’t fix it, the repairs kind of mounted up to be a lot more than what I anticipated, so I needed to sell the vehicle.
Before going to, I looked around at some other places and gotten quotes from them and gave me a really good quote, much higher than the other ones! Other companies that I spoke with did try to talk me down. They wanted to emphasize the amount of repairs that the vehicle needed, and told me that I wouldn’t find a more competitive price anywhere else and just a few more calls and I did speak with and we proved them wrong.
I actually called talked with someone over the phone, they were very informative, they told me exactly what they needed. They’re real nice; told me what they could do, real prompt and I was just surprised at how quick they could give me answers and make things happen for me! The whole process was really easy!
The same day that I requested a quote, they actually came out, got the car for me. They’re really friendly, they made it a really easy process to go through. I was pressed on the clock. I was out of town and I needed to do something by the end of the week. I think, I believe, I called on a Monday and we had the vehicle moved by Wednesday. So, I mean, it was like a three-day period. My towing experience was great, work right into the schedule. I believe the driver was in contact with us and they gave us a window that they would come in and I believe they arrived early and no problem towing the vehicle. They had the check handy when they came, we signed the title over, and it was easy-peasy!
The customer service is excellent. The customer service that was excellent. On the scale of 1 to 10, I’d have to give it a 11! I would definitely recommend to anyone who’s looking to sell their car; need to get it off their hands. They’re really awesome!”

Transcription for Sell Your Car Quick and Easy:

“I went with CashForCars because you guys had the best quote, all I had to do is hand the keys over and the title. It was just easy in and easy out, I didn’t had to haggle with a lot of people. I called an agent and gave them the information of my vehicle and they gave me an offer right away, I took me like 10 minutes, maybe. I would highly recommend CashForCars to my family and friends to sell their vehicles.”

Transcription for | Testimonial | Patty Knowles:

“The most compelling reason to use to sell your vehicle, is really how efficiently fast and convenient it is to do a transaction. In my case, I had a car for 11 years and just had given to my 18-year-old son, and I put a lot of money into repairs for it and it started having some issues. I really needed to find a place to be able to get rid of the car that I had, to be able to look for a different vehicle.
I called the next morning, spoke to somebody and everything went smoothly, it didn’t take any time at all. It literally was maybe a couple of hours. The driver who was picking up the vehicle, wrote out the check on the spot and handed it to me, took the title of my car and off the car went. It worked out really well. I would highly recommend to my friends and family for the simplicity and the professionalism of getting it done.”

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