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Lotus is a quirky brand that has always focused on speed, performance, and unique aesthetic. When you need to sell your Lotus, sell it the fastest and most efficient car buyer!

Lotus is an interesting automaker that has worn many different hats and had its fair share of controversy. Founded in 1948, the Lotus brand has switched owners many times but has always been associated with speed and dedication to the power-to-weight ratio. The founder of Lotus was caught up in a drug scandal with John DeLorean, creator of the famous Back to the Future car, but died before he went to trial. Lotus had many issues after its founder’s death but after new ownership, they have recovered and often partner with other automakers for fine-tuned performance parts.

Lotus is a unique automaker. Cars created by Lotus have an insect-like appearance, and always maximize efficiency over power. They are light, nimble, and where they may lack in top speed in the straights, they make up for with their cornering and acceleration. Lotus is the master of efficiency. Big engine with small car equals goes fast. This simple formula is what we try to emulate at


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If you own a Lotus, you obviously place efficiency over straight power. That’s what values too. When you need to sell your Lotus, don’t jump through hoop-after-hoop. Sell your car for cash, have it picked-up, and get your check, all in 24 hours or less. It doesn’t get any easier or more efficient to sell your car than!

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