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Our blog was recently featured on Feedspot as one of the Top 100 Auto Blogs!

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Car Brands and Parent Companies: Who Owns What?

Its always surprising to see what car brands are owned by which parent companies! There are hundreds of car brands but we created this guide to show you which parent companies own which car brands and a brief description and history of each brand!

Best Racing Games to Invest in While Quarantined

We all need something to do while stuck at home during this pandemic. What better way to get your blood flowing than some intense virtual racing? has created this list of some of the best racing games for different platforms. Each game is unique in its own way and has something for every kind of gamer!

Best Car Shows to Stream While Stuck at Home

We are all stuck inside right now and it is important that we all help to keep each other sane as we spend 24 hours of our day at home. That is why we came up with this list of some of the best car shows to stream while you are stuck at home! All of these shows offer something different and appeal to both car enthusiasts and non-car enthusiasts! So, what are you waiting for? Turn on Netflix because you are in for a wild ride!

CashForCarPayments and COVID-19 Resources has become a part of various communities all over the United States. With almost 200 locations, we are invested in the communities that we serve and want to give back. We have created CashForCarPayments as well as a list of COVID-19 Resources for those who are looking for relief during these […]

Best Car YouTube Channels to Binge While at Home

We all need entertainment during this COVID-19 pandemic. It seems like you are getting to the end of Netflix, reaching the outer limits of Hulu, and even YouTube is becoming boring. Well, created this list to show you some of the best car YouTube channels the platform has to offer! Each channel is different from each other and each has something unique and exciting to offer! So grab your quarantine snacks and make yourself comfortable because there is a lot to watch!

USA 25-Year Import Rule: Cars That Turn 25 in 2020

The 25-Year Import Rule is annoying to say the least. has created a guide to the 25-year rule, what it means, why we have it, and what cars are now legal in 2020! See what cars turn 25 and you can now legally import to the US in 2020!

Cleaning Your Car to Protect You from the Coronavirus

During this public health crisis, it is extremely important for everyone to be aware of how to sterilize themselves and the things around them. created this guide on how to effectively clean and sanitize your car to protect you from the coronavirus. With the coronavirus spreading like wildfire, it is important that we all do our part to prevent the spreading, and eventually eliminate the virus altogether.

Most Dangerous Cars You Should Avoid

There are cars out there that are associated with so many fatal accidents, why are they even on the road?! Stay safe by getting rid of the cars on this list and getting something that is more safe and reliable. will buy any car from you and give you cash! Take that cash and go get a car that isn’t going to kill you!

Is Cash For Cars Open? Yes, We’re Open!

Despite the worries and concerns surrounding COVID-19, Cash For Cars is still open and ready to buy your vehicle for cash! Cash For Cars always puts our customers first and if you need to sell a car, we’ll be there in 24 hours or less with check in-hand to pick up your vehicle!

Slang of the Car Enthusiast: Car Lingo 101

If you’re the kind of guy that prefers to change his own oil, keep up with basic maintenance, and maybe change a part on your car every once in a while, it might be time to read this. This article outlines some of the most common car enthusiast slang, what it means and how you can use it to look like a pro when talking to your car friends!
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