How to Sell Your Car


If you are wondering, “how do you sell your car?”, we have the answers to all of your questions right here. CashForCars.Com has been in the car buying industry for over 35 years and we are one of the best, and most reliable car buying services in North America!

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How to Sell Your Car

It was not too long ago that when we were selling a car, we would have to go through the following steps:

  • Decide when is the best time to sell your car when you want to sell your car fast and quick!
  • Find your title and make sure it’s in good condition
  • If you are selling salvage title cars, and what you need to know to approach that.
  • Deciding whether you should find someone to buy your car or sell it for scrap and how to scrap a car for cash.
  • What about if you can’t find your title? Here’s what to do if you need to sell a car without a title!
  • Here’s how to sell your car on Craigslist and stay safe!
  • Completely clean your vehicle inside and out until it’s spotless
  • Remove all personal belongings, bumper stickers, window stickers.
  • Fix or repair any minor issues including the air conditioning, fan belts, brakes, tires, oil, transmission fluid, radio, etc.
  • Where should you post classified ads? Where can you sell your used car?
  • Pay for the online classified ads and pray for your phone and email to get a response.
  • Write a killer online classified ad that would grab readers’ attention and urge them to call you for a test drive.
  • Schedule a test-drive with all potential buyers.
  • Go on several test-drives with multiple buyers.
  • Haggle over the final price of your used vehicle.
  • Drive your vehicle to the tax collector’s office or DMV, depending on your state, to change over the title to the new owner’s name.
  • Swap out the license plates for the new plates on your vehicle.
  • Exchange the cash from the buyer for your car keys.

You can use these same steps to sell your motorcycle or sell your truck!

Sell My Car for Cash Today

What if we didn’t have to go through all those steps? Fortunately, now you can sell your car or truck in just three (3) easy steps in 24 hours with

  • Sell your car instantly by completing our cash offer form on this page or call us now to get your guaranteed cash offer.
  • Accept our offer and schedule an appointment when we can pick up your car and deliver your cash offer.
  • Collect your cash offer, we take care of the paperwork and provide free towing service for your vehicle.

Sell My Car Near Me

With over 200 U.S. locations, we have a Cash For Cars location in most major cities in the continental United States and Canada. Our locations make it convenient for you to sell your car, in almost every major U.S. city, we will deliver your cash offer and tow away your vehicle. We want to make it easy to sell your car!

In addition, if you would rather drive in and drop off your vehicle you can. Our friendly Cash For Cars team is happy to assist you in person with our fast, easy and secure car-selling process (due to the effects of Covid-19, we will not be accepting drop-off options, but you can still take advantage of our free towing services with payment to you at pick-up!). What are you waiting for? Do not delay, call us now and sell your car in 24 hours!

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