Concept Cars That Should Have Been Built!

There are some concept cars that should have been built based on their futuristic design and innovation! Concept cars are an enigma. They are the artistic vision or direction that a car manufacturer plans to go or is going. Sometimes concept cars are created to showcase a specific design feature or material that the manufacturer plans to use more frequently in the future. They represent cutting-edge ideas that often seem outlandish, crazy, and often times, bizarre.

In the case of this article, we want to talk about cars that are so cool or iconic, we wish they were manufactured for the public! They perfectly strike the balance between innovation and practicality while paying homage to their predecessors that came before.

Chrysler Atlantic

Chrysler Atlantic | Concept Cars That Should Have Been Built! blog

The first car on our list is also the oldest, the Chrysler Atlantic! It was first shown in 1995 and paid homage to the luxury vehicles of the 1930s, specifically the Bugatti Type 57S Atlantique. The car is designed similarly to the much-maligned Plymouth Prowler. Chrysler went in an art-deco inspired direction with the Atlantic instead. This includes art-deco interior, gauges, and that rich super-villain from a comic book vibe.

We can only imagine the success that Chrysler would have if this iteration was put into production instead of the Prowler. Unfortunately, Chrysler decided to release the Plymouth Prowler and are now infamous for yet another failed attempt at innovation.

Cadillac Ciel

Cadillac Ciel | Concept Cars That Should Have Been Built! blog

Much like the Chrysler Atlantic, the Cadillac Ciel obviously pays homage to luxury cars of the past, first revealed in 2011. While the Atlantic would be indistinguishable as a vehicle built in 1995 when comparing it to luxury cars from the 1930s, the Ciel’s inspiration is obvious but with 21st styling. The model reflects the sleek lines, luxe leather seating, and the convertible top but still has the modern Cadillac grille that was common on all of their vehicles in the 2010s. The Ciel obviously has a direct lineage from the cars of the rich and famous in the 1930s.

Today, Cadillac struggles to find an identity. The Ciel and other models like it could have set them far apart from the competition. This is one concept that we wish would have come to fruition. It would create a brand-new image for Cadillac in the 21st century!

Nissan IDx

Nissan IDx | Concept Cars That Should Have Been Built! blog

While the Chrysler Atlantic and the Cadillac Ciel pay homage to the bygone era of Dirty Thirties’ opulent luxury cars, the Nissan IDx pays homage to a more recent 70s Nissan model, the Datsun 510. Datsun, a once defunct but recently revived brand, had some of the most iconic Japanese cars brandishing its badge. The IDx is a spiritual successor to the 510 with the same boxy aesthetic, side-mirror placement, and headlight orientation. These features are of course updated to modern standards. The IDx quickly became the Nissan that car fanatics all around the world wanted.

First revealed in 2013, car fanatics, publications, and websites were crazy about the IDx. Unfortunately, Nissan announced the IDx would never hit the production floor in 2015. They were afraid that it would compete too much with the 370Z, which was relatively new at the time. This caused Nissan to cancel the plans for the IDx altogether. We can only hope that Nissan gives this one another shot! It could be one of the coolest cars to be released in years and one of the most nostalgic concept cars to have been built!

Honda Sport EV

Honda Sport EV | Concept Cars That Should Have Been Built! blog

Much like the Nissan IDx, the Honda Sport EV is inspired by Honda’s past while incorporating its future. Honda has stated that its exterior is inspired by the Honda S600. While the similarities are present, it’s obvious that it draws its inspiration from Honda’s sports cars of the 1990s as well. The Honda Sport EV is Honda’s attempt at making a sporty coupe that runs on electricity. It was awarded the best concept car of 2018 by Automobile Magazine. Many publications and car fanatics were excited by the prospect of another great Honda sports car. Unfortunately, the future of the Honda Sport EV is unknown.

Little can be found about the Honda Sport EV when compared to its sister model, the Honda Urban EV. We sincerely hope that the Honda Sports EV doesn’t end up in the pit of awesome ideas that aren’t financially feasible. The Honda Sport EV is one of those concept cars that should have been built at the same time as the Honda Urban EV! It could place Honda as a formidable competitor against the growing and expanding Tesla!

Saab Aero-X

Saab Aero-X

Last, but not least, is the Saab Aero-X. While it is definitely a Saab, there is not a direct predecessor to the Aero-X. Instead, Saab took inspiration from aircraft with the Aero-X, hence the name. The cockpit canopy doors provide 180-degrees of vision. The body is made of carbon fiber and is sleek and aerodynamic as can be. First revealed in 2006, the Aero-X was unlike anything seen before. It looked like the future but wasn’t completely far-fetched. Unfortunately, Saab didn’t consider this concept as a potential production model.

Fans of Saab have been calling for the Aero-X to go into production for years since its reveal. In fact, Victor Muller, former Chairman and former CEO of Saab, addressed the demand for this car. Muller stated that the Aero-X was not a priority for the company at the time. Saab created the Aero-X to show that despite only building commuter cars, they were still an innovative company that could create exciting products. Only 5 years later, Saab filed for bankruptcy. What would have happened if the Aero-X was released as a production vehicle? Could of it have saved Saab? We’ll never know!

Do You Agree With Our List of Concept Cars That Should Have Been Built?

Like we said at the beginning, concept cars are an enigma. They can be built for countless reasons and each of our picks are cars that could honestly be built today. Whether these cars were built by manufacturers with something to prove or as an experiment with the nostalgic cars of the past; concept cars are fun and fascinating to explore and look at.

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