The Easiest Cars to Work On

Why Are These Cars the Easiest Cars to Work On?

There are some cars, that from their inception were built to last. Not only were they reliable, they were also the easiest cars to work on! Small things like having enough clearance between the engine and the engine bay, positioning an oil filter so that it is easier to get to, or simply putting the battery under the hood can make a huge difference for those of us who prefer to do most of our own car maintenance. Minor engineering choices and cheap ubiquitous parts can elevate a car from a bland, unexciting experience to a car that’s handed down for generations!

Ford Crown Victoria

Police Interceptor Ford Crown Victoria for The Easiest Cars to Work On blog by

We are big fans of the Ford Crown Victoria. Why? For one, it is one of the least expensive cars to maintain due to how easy they are to repair. Not only that, finding parts for a Crown Vic is like shooting fish in a barrel. There have been hundred of thousands of Crown Vics built during its production run, most of which are still on the road today. They are a favorite of taxi drivers because of their reliability, and the go-to choice for police departments because of their durability. In fact, the Ford Police Interceptor was built using a Crown Vic template and beefing up the power and durability.

Crown Vics also aren’t slow. They are often souped up with new supercharged engines, or equipped with turbochargers to become some of the most inconspicuous sleeper cars on the road! Unfortunately, the Crown Vic died in 2011. It will be remembered for its unmistakable personality and durability!

Toyota Corolla

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The Toyota Corolla is a legendary car that has been around for decades! Their cheap OEM parts and logical construction make Toyota one of the cheapest car brands to repair. Toyota’s vision to make their cars as friendly as possible to their drivers makes the Corolla one of the easiest cars to work on. The Corolla has stood the test of time with its constantly evolving exterior and Toyota’s attention to what their customers actually want; cheap, dependable transportation. No matter the decade, no matter what’s “cool” at the time, the Corolla does what it does best. It goes, and goes, and goes.

Lada Niva

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The Lada Niva is definitely the most obscure car on this list. This little Russian offroader has changed very little since they rolled off the production floor in 1977. While they are definitely one of the easiest cars to work on, that doesn’t mean its worth the time. The Lada Niva is super simple. They have hardly any reliance on electronics and run on very basic Russian engineering. While this makes the Niva easy to work on, it also makes them very prone to breaking down. They are the ultimate challenge for the DIY mechanic because if you want to fix something, no matter how difficult, its up to you. Despite all this, you cannot deny the fact that they have some serious personality and might be worth the challenge to some!

Honda Accord

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The Honda Accord has similar advantages to the Corolla while also being a larger car. This allows for more space around the engine bay and other parts of the car. Why the Accord over the Civic? Well, the Accord has a lot more spare room in the engine bay for one. Also, the Civic focused primarily on economy. While the Accord is economical, the styling upgrades and focus on ride quality rather than ride economy allowed for more room for the DIY mechanic in and around the vehicle. This makes the Accord an easy car to work on and one of the cheapest cars to maintain. When you mix cheap parts, ease of repairs, and a dependable daily driver; you have a classic that stands the test of time.

Volvo 240

Orange Volvo 240 for Blog

There’s a lot of praise of German engineering and ingenuity, but what about the Swedes? Volvo has been around for years and has consistently created some of the most dependable and safest cars in the automotive industry. You will be hard-pressed to find a Volvo 240 will less than 200,000 miles on it. Why? Because people hold on to their 240s for years, many of them passing on to the next generation!

What is it about Volvos that make them easy cars to work on? Volvo reuses parts across different models which allows old Volvo parts to be easy to find, and cheap. Also, the engine bay is probably too big for the engine that’s installed. This gives plenty of room for someone to fix most problems you’d have with the 240. On top of that, it sits so high up that you could do an oil change without even having to lift the car. The Volvo 240 is easy to work on, easy to maintain, and as long as you take car of it, it will take car of you.

Do You Need One of the Easiest Cars to Work On?

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