Best Car YouTube Channels to Binge While at Home

If you love cars as much as we do at, you probably also love watching videos about cars. As people all over the world stay indoors trying to keep themselves busy with work or hours of Netflix and YouTube; you might need some guidance to sort out what YouTube channels are actually worth watching. That’s why we created this list of the best car YouTube channels to watch while you’re stuck at home!

Donut Media

If you’re a fan of anything and everything cars; Donut Media has you covered. They have hundreds of videos that cover a variety of topics in a hilarious, yet informative way! They have been around since 2016 but have made a huge splash in the automotive genre of YouTube with their humor and daily videos. Here’s a list of their different series and a brief description of each:

  • Up to Speed: Features historically significant cars and what makes them special
  • Bumper 2 Bumper: Features custom cars often related to pop culture or are otherwise completely outlandish
  • Moneypit: A Mazda Miata build-along guide
  • Wheelhouse: Answers to crazy questions and general opinion videos
  • HiLow: Modifying two identical Nissan 350Zs, one with cheap parts and the other with top-of-the-line expensive parts

With the amount of variety that they have on this YouTube channel, there is always plenty of fun and laughs to be had when watching Donut Media! There is so much variety, humor, and things to learn when watching Donut Media, it is more than binge-worthy material and one of the best car YouTube channels!

Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro is a car writer and columnist for Oversteer, an Autotrader car news and reviews site. He regularly reviews cars on Oversteer, as well as posts car review videos on YouTube. He reviews a variety of cars on his YouTube channel, showing off each car’s individual characteristics that make them unique. In the past, he has reviewed cars as mundane as the Ford Fiesta and as extravagant and expensive as the Bugatti Veyron and the Ferrari LaFerrari. He’s quirky humor and knowledge of each car makes his reviews engaging and interesting while not over-complicating anything.

If you love cars and want an honest opinion and review from someone who has significant experience in the auto industry, Doug is a qualified reviewer with plenty to say about each car he reviews and more content than you could ever watch!

Jay Leno’s Garage

If there is one thing that Jay Leno is known for other than his chin, it’s his massive car collection! He owns 169 cars and 117 motorcycles. This kind of collection is unheard of from anything other than a museum. That’s the best thing about Jay Leno’s Garage YouTube channel; he actually drives these cars. He has special celebrity guests on his YouTube channel very often which he takes to drive around in cars from his massive collection. Some of the more notable cars he owns are:

  • Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
  • 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe
  • 1967 Lamborghini Miura
  • 1986 Lamborghini Countach
  • 1963 Chrysler Turbine Car

While it may have started out as a YouTube channel, Jay Leno’s Garage has become so popular it is now a TV show! All-in-all, there is plenty of content from Jay Leno’s Garage to binge watch for days. It is definitely one of the best car YouTube channels!

The Hoonigans

If you’re a racing fan, custom car build aficionado, or just love watching cars and drivers show-off, the Hoonigans is right up your alley. The Hoonigans is shot in a vlog style, akin to other popular YouTubers like David Dobrik or Casey Neistat. They’re funny, irreverent, and all the members of this YouTube race crew love showing off and competing against one another.

They do a variety of content as well; challenges, car build breakdowns, the occasional driving tutorial, among other countless topics and videos. If you prefer racing, burnouts, and lots and lots of burning rubber; the Hoonigans is your best bet.


ChrisFix is different than every other YouTube on this list. Why? Because instead of destroying your car, like Hoonigans, or learning about racing history or how your car works, like Donut Media; ChrisFix shows you how to fix your car. If you’ve repaired your car yourself, you may have watched a video–or ten of ChrisFix in the past. He has over 200 videos of tutorials on how to fix various parts of your car. While his tutorials may not be specific down to make and model, you generally get the gist of the repair and what you’re trying to accomplish.

ChrisFix has other content as well, such as product reviews, general knowledge about vehicles, questions answered, as well as many other topics. If you need help replacing just about anything on your car, ChrisFix is a great place to start!

Did One of These Best Car YouTube Channels Inspire You?

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