Best Car Shows to Stream While Stuck at Home

People all across the nation are stuck inside because of stay-at-home orders from their local governments. It can become dull quickly when 24 hours of your day are spent inside and the most exciting thing you get to do during the week is going to the grocery store. That’s why we are creating these lists, much like the list from last week, to keep you occupied with the best car-related content you can watch while quarantining. Here are some of the best car shows to stream from two of the biggest streaming services: Netflix and Prime Video.

Fastest Car – Netflix

For Fans of Sleeper Cars and Drag Racing

If you’re a fan of watching overly-confident rich people with McLarens, Ferraris and Lamborghinis get smoked by Mini Coopers, Honda Civics, and a GMC Sonoma; then this is your show.

The main premise is that cars that are built are better than cars that are bought, and money doesn’t guarantee speed. While most know this, it is hilarious to watch a 2018 Lamborghini Huracán be force-fed dust by a 1992 Honda Civic. Many of the supercar drivers are cocky and think that their expensive supercars can’t lose to anything short of another supercar. Keep in mind, these cars are drag racing which makes it an even more impressive feat to beat these engineering marvels with commuter cars that were purchased for $1000 or less.

Lots of bad-mouthing, pompousness and strong reality show vibes; this show has everything to keep you sane while getting through these difficult times.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive – Netflix

For Fans of F1 and Sanctioned Racing

While many people have seen Formula 1 races on TV, it is uncommon to see the personality of the drivers under the helmet. Stunning camerawork and the focus on the drivers and what they endure brings an interesting spin to the high-octane sport of Formula 1.

You get to see behind-the-scenes of the Formula 1 world and how much each racing team has invested in their drivers and their cars. You also get to see the copious amount of training that drivers go through to keep their reflexes sharp, their stamina high, and their wits in check.

It’s an intense, emotional, and oftentimes, dramatic look at the world of Formula 1 racing and each racer’s passion for one of the fastest and most dangerous driving leagues in the world.

The Grand Tour – Prime Video

For Fans of Top Gear, Car-Centric Humor and Travel

While the two shows above tend to be very intense, The Grand Tour is fun, exciting, and hilarious. James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson were the original hosts for the hit British TV show, Top Gear. Many people complained about the show lacking its main draw after the three original hosts quit after an incident with Jeremy Clarkson and a producer. So, Amazon decided to create its version of Top Gear, known as The Grand Tour!

As Amazon has a larger budget than BBC, the original network for Top Gear, The Grand Tour is a bit more grandiose in comparison. Lots of explosions, lots of fast and expensive cars, and even more insane challenges in countries all around the world. It’s a great mix of cars and humor that appeals to everyone, including those who aren’t huge gearheads.

With as many explosions as a Michael Bay film, absolutely insane cars, and a celebration of culture and driving; The Grand Tour should be on everyone’s watchlist during this quarantine! It is one the best car shows to stream while you quarantine!

Hyperdrive – Netflix

For Fans of Over-the-Top Time Trials

Hyperdrive is one of the best car shows to stream that is completely underrated! There is drifting, speed, Rockford turns, among several impressive driving maneuvers that make the Fast and Furious look weak. You won’t believe what these drivers put their cars through all to complete the track the fastest.

Easily one of the most entertaining shows on Netflix; Hyperdrive is a time trial competition that forces drivers to attempt stunts and maneuvers that have never been seen before. There are tons of donuts, precision drifting, and lots of tire smoke. Hyperdrive is great for car enthusiasts and those who know nothing about cars because of its over-the-top, one-of-a-kind obstacle course and each driver’s lack of self-preservation.

If you want something that is easily bingeable and doesn’t require a lot of commitment, Hyperdrive is your show. It’s entertaining and watchable for the whole family.

Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip – Netflix

For Fans of Car History, Culture, and Travel

Paul Hollywood is a baker by profession, but a racer at heart. Lovers of Netflix and cooking shows might know him from The Great British Baking Show, Netflix’s adaptation of the famous baking show that originally aired on BBC. Paul Hollywood explains how he has always had a passion for cars and he wants to take that passion across all different parts of Europe and learn about each countries unique car culture.

If you are a fan of car history, traveling shows, or like to learn about cars, then this will be right up your alley. Paul Hollywood visits three of the most iconic countries for cars in Europe: France, Germany, and Italy. He brings along car experts from each country and drives some of the most iconic vehicles to come from manufacturers from each country. The show is much more relaxed than those featured above but that doesn’t stop Paul from burning rubber on a few of each nation’s top race tracks.

If you need something that focuses more on history, learning, and culture after watching the intense, blood-pumping shows listed above; we recommend trying out Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip. It’s short but there is plenty to learn. It is one of the best car shows to stream while stuck inside.

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