Most Dangerous Cars You Should Avoid

There are some cars on the road today that have involvement in numerous fatal car accidents. These cars lack effective safety features, or encourage drivers to go too fast for their own handling capabilities. Manufacturers are building some of these so cheap that they cut corners on safety features altogether. These cars are the most dangerous cars you should avoid. recommends you sell the cars on these list as soon as possible! Buy a car that is safer, more dependable, and not responsible for the deaths of so many people!

We will be using data from iSeeCars, an automotive research firm and vehicle search engine. We’ll explain why the cars listed below are so dangerous. These cars are listed from the most to least number of fatal accidents per billion vehicle model miles driven. This is not directly from the iSeeCars list, as we chose vehicles that we felt represented each of our theories as to why the number of deaths associated with these vehicles is so high.

Mitsubishi Mirage: 10.2

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We’ve mentioned the Mitsubishi Mirage being a fairly inept vehicle in a previous blog. We chose the Mirage because it represents the larger issue with safety features and subcompact vehicles. The biggest issue with the Mitsubishi Mirage is how cheap they are. They lack active safety features, quality interior, and a very low price tag. The Mirage is dangerously cheap, in both price and quality. Those looking for a car see the price of a brand-new Mitsubishi Mirage and could impulsively buy this little deathtrap. The Mirage is associated with the highest number of fatal accidents on roads in the US. Avoid driving one at all costs!

Chevrolet Corvette: 9.8

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The Chevrolet Corvette is beloved by car enthusiasts and aficionados all over the world. The Corvette represents a larger issue with safety and high-performance sports cars and the fact that they are often exempt from safety testing. The Corvette’s intense, quintessential sports car exterior, race car performance, and relatively low price tag make it a perfect storm for reckless, dangerous driving. Our theory is that the Corvette is accessible by those that have little experience driving performance cars. They get behind the wheel of something as powerful as a Corvette, start going a little too fast, lose control, and hurt themselves and potentially others in an accident. The Corvette is still a high performance car despite it’s lower price tag.

Nissan 370Z: 6.2

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The Nissan 370Z is a high-performance car often associated with drift culture. Drifting is a type of driving that focuses more on style than speed. The back end of the vehicle whips around and propels the car forward while the front end steers the opposite of the intended direction. Drift culture’s origins are in Japan where most manufacturers of drifting capable cars are located. Our theory is that a large number of fatal accidents occur because of street racing, or drifting associated accidents. While drifting, the driver is not in full control of the vehicle and could cause a serious accident if they were to lose control. Drifting should only be on closed courses and away from public roads.

Dodge Challenger: 5.8

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While the Dodge Challenger doesn’t have as many fatal accidents, it suffers from much of the same problems as the Chevrolet Corvette. It is a powerful vehicle that, when not driven responsibly, can cause a fatal crash and injure many others in the process. The Dodge Challenger represents the issue with non-luxury sports cars. The Challenger tends to be half the price of the Corvette, making it potentially more dangerous vehicle than the Corvette. It is even more likely that someone without the training to handle the Challenger could end up behind-the-wheel of one. Without prior experience, they could become a danger to themselves and others around them.

Kia Soul: 5.3

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Last, but not least is the Kia Soul. The IIHS named the Kia Soul as one of their Top Safety Picks, yet the Kia Soul is still on iSeeCars’ Most Dangerous Cars study. The Kia Soul is part of a number of cars that represent the disparity between IIHS safety ratings and real-life scenarios. Despite what IIHS tests result in, there can still be major failures after you exceed their testing speed of 40 mph. You should keep this mind when searching for a safe vehicle; positive crash tests doesn’t always mean that you will stay safe.

How Should You Avoid the Most Dangerous Cars?

The best way to avoid the most dangerous cars is by doing lots and lots of research. If you want to stick to the statistics, avoid any sort of compact car and go with crossovers and SUVs. These types of cars tend to be the least associated with fatal car accidents. Midsize and larger vehicles have a 3.3 and 2.6 fatal accidents per billion vehicle model miles driven. This is significantly lower than most of the vehicles on this list!

What Should You Do If You Own One of the Most Dangerous Cars?

The best thing to do if you own a dangerous vehicle is to sell it and buy something that won’t kill you! buys cars of all kinds, in any condition, and we buy deathtraps as well! If you are daily driving one of the car above, we highly recommend to sell it to us, and get some cash for a down payment on safer, more reliable new car! All it takes is five to ten minutes of your time on the phone to get your guaranteed offer! The offer specialist will setup a time to pickup your vehicle in 24 hours or less! You’ll get the check when they arrive and then its time to go car shopping!

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