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A Little About Scranton, Pennsylvania!

Only being a city of about 77,000 people, Scranton is the sixth-largest city in the State of Pennsylvania.

The city is conventionally divided into nine districts, and located in the center of the Lackawanna River valley.

Known as a former anthracite coal mining community, Scranton was incorporated on February 14, 1856.

It eventually became a major industrial city, as a center of mining and railroads.

Given the nickname "Electric City," this came from when electric lights were introduced in 1880 at the Dickson Manufacturing Company.

Six years later, the first streetcars powered by electricity began operating in Scranton, which it was then given its nickname.

Known for having a “humid continental climate” Scranton offers four distinct seasons.

Despite this, the weather is somewhat mild. Summers have occasional heatwaves but rarely reach over 95 degrees.

Winters get quite cold bringing down the temperature to 0 degrees.

Despite this, the average temperature in the coldest month, January, is 25.8 degrees, and an overage of only 37 days per year where the temperature falls below freezing.

Head to a Ski Resort

Because Scranton offers all four seasons, skiing is an option.

If you do not like skiing there are plenty of other events to do as well.

Head to the Montage Mountain Ski Resort and go snow tubing (which doubles as a water park in the summer).

In the summer they also offer batting cages, volleyball, and mini-golf, along with a lazy river, wave pool, and water slides.

Visit a Coal Mine

There are many coal mines all over Pennsylvania because, at one point in time, coal was the main source of energy in the United States.

The coal mines in Scranton are exciting and very cool to experience. You can learn about the tasks the miners faced when working in these mines and even take home a piece of coal.

Learn About Steam Trains

If you are interested in trains and how they work, this is a great place to visit.

Because steam trains were once the main way that people moved about in the world, this museum dedicates its purpose to learning about them.

The National Historic Site is to provide more knowledge on steam trains and give this information to people that do not know much about them.

It is a fun way to learn about this piece of history.

Enjoy a Day of Fun

The Lahey Family Fun Park is a fun place to take children of all ages. Whether you are looking for ● Mini golf ● An arcade ● Go-carts ● Batting cages

You can go here from 10 am until 11 pm. Tire your family out at this well-known theme park for kids of all ages.

Relax at a Park

The Nay Aug Park is incredibly well known as it is the biggest park in the city!

They have a pool, public water slides, even a zoo. There used to be an amusement park but it closed down in 1990.

Now a theme park exists next to the Olympic-sized pools. It is a bit small, but definitely fun to go to.

Here you can even visit The Everhart Museum located on the grounds. Something to do for hours.

Have an Exciting Time at the Houdini Museum

The Houdini Museum is a history museum that can teach you everything about the history of Houdini.

He had magic tricks that he performed in Scranton, throughout his career.

Now in this museum, there is a ton of information about Houdini’s history and a psychic theatre to see your future.

Pennsylvania Wine?

Did you know that Pennsylvania has wine? If you want to bring your kids there is no problem, but this is definitely something for the adults to do.

Enjoy many wines from over 28 different locations. Try fruity wines (which is what they are known for), or make a gift basket to take home.

They even have wine-making classes, along with beer and wine-making supplies.

Take products home and try your hand at making or brewing your own drinks!

Broadway to Scranton

Another unlikely match-up is Broadway in Scranton.

The well-known Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple theatre is in a building that is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Not only is it a notable structure in Scranton, but there are incredible Broadway shows.

Go to their website and see which performances are happening, whether that is Cats, Mamma Mia!, Les Miserables, or another famous Broadway show.

Fun is Everywhere

Scranton, PA is not a huge area for visitors, but it is home to a lot of history and things to do.

Check out any of the places with your kids, or enjoy an adult trip to drink wine and go to the theatre.

You should definitely have a car to explore the area,

but you won’t run out of things to do, that is for sure.

Get Cash For Cars in Scranton

Looking for a way to recycle your old car? Cash For Cars Scranton is here to help!

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Or, you could fill out the form on this page. The choice is up to you! We buy vehicles in any condition. Even if it’s used, junked, or wrecked, you can still get a guaranteed offer.

Cash For Cars makes sure to stay up-to-speed with current market prices on all makes and models so we can give our customers the most competitive offers.

Our customers also get the benefit of our free towing service. We’ll come right to you to haul away your old car.

From Carbondale to Hazelton, to Kingston and beyond, you’ll get free towing in as little as 24 hours!

We’re one of the top junk car removal services in Lackawanna County, and aside from the free towing, the driver who picks up your car will also be the one to deliver you the check for your guaranteed offer!

No need to wait around for snail mail to get you the cash for your car. There’s no better time to get cash for your car, Scranton.

And since we recycle the vehicles we purchase, you’ll be getting paid to make an environmentally-friendly choice.

Plus, we’ll take care of everything. From your free quote, to the free towing, to any paperwork or other details that come up, we’ll handle it all.

We’ve been in business for over 30 years, we’ve got it covered. Give us a call to get cash for your car today, Scranton!

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