How to Get Your Car Title in Pennsylvania

Getting your replacement car title in Pennsylvania isn't an easy process. That's why we made this guide to help you in the process of getting a new title to your vehicle!

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How to Get Your Title in Pennsylvania

If you’re a vehicle owner in Pennsylvania, one of the most important documents you own is your title. But, what do you do if your title has been damaged or has gotten lost?

The simple answer is to apply for a duplicate. We have a guide here on how to get your title in Pennsylvania as soon as possible.

Your first step is going to be filling out the Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title by Owner. You should also gather any additional materials you may need to complete the application, such as your Pennsylvania driver’s license.

You’ll need to have your signature notarized, so be sure to get that scheduled before you’re finished with the application.

There is a $51.00 fee to get a duplicate title, which can be paid via check or money order payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. They request that you not send cash.

When your application is finished, send it off to the following address:

PA Department of Transportation
Bureau of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 68593
Harrisburg, PA 17106-8593

If you don’t receive your title in the mail within 90 days of filing for a duplicate, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. If it was lost in the mail, they will issue you another duplicate title at no additional cost.

Note: this information is subject to change and is for informational purposes only. Be sure to check with your local DMV to make sure that all processes are the same, or you can visit the Pennsylvania DMV page.


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