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A Little About Harrisburg, Pennsylvania!

Geography of Harrisburg

Harrisburg is Pennsylvania's capital city. Drive through the area and you will be impressed with its visual beauty and seemingly endless opportunities for fun.

All in all, Harrisburg has a population around 50,000 meaning you can drive through the entirety of it several times over without worrying about traffic.

This is a highly diverse area with friendly locals, a surprisingly active economy and easy access to the Susquehanna River.

If you are driving through the area, be sure to head another 100 miles west to check out Philadelphia during your trip.

History of Harrisburg

Harrisburg's history is largely centered in its role during the Westward Migration, the Industrial Revolution and the American Civil War.

In fact, Harrisburg quickly emerged as one of the region’s most industrialized urban centers after the construction of the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Pennsylvania Canal.

The city's early economic success inspired the naming of the U.S. Navy's USS Harrisburg ship which was in use toward the end of World War I.

Historians believe Native Americans inhabited the area now known as Harrisburg back in 3000 BC. It is believed the Native American tribes in the area lived along the Susquehanna River.

Referred to as “Paxtang" by the natives, this area served as a key resting place for tribe members involved in trading.

It is here that the trails stemming from Delaware to several rivers in Ohio and even the Potomac/Upper Susquehanna adjoin.

An English trader by the name of John Harris settled in the area in 1719. Harris obtained grants constituting 800 acres about a decade later.

The land was subsequently named Harrisburg. Harris's son in law surveyed the area in 1785, which led to its subsequent incorporation in 1791.

Fast forward to 1812 and Harrisburg was named as the state capital. The area was a calm pastoral town with plenty of eye-popping natural scenery prior to its industrialization.

Much of the area consisted of farmland until industries started to develop. The city served as an important trading post during the period of Westward expansion in the early 18th century.

The industrial rise took place in the period between 1850 and 1920. Though Harrisburg suffered a significant industrial decline and population loss in the next half-century, its economy is considered quite strong in 2021.

The local economy is fueled by food services such as Hershey Chocolate and the Hershey Park amusement park, agricultural businesses, heavy manufacturing industries and government.

Harrisburg is also home to the country’s largest no-cost indoor agriculture exposition dubbed the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

This exposition was first held in the area back in 1917. The Farm Show has been held in Harrisburg every January in the 100+ years since its debut.

Harrisburg locals and visitors also rave about the city's yearly outdoor sports show, which is also the largest of its kind on the continent.

This auto show puts classic vehicles on display. The event also features motocross racing and even remote control car racing.

According to Forbes, Harrisburg is regularly rated as one of the top places in the country to raise a family.

Though Harrisburg has had its share of financial troubles, it is largely considered recession-proof thanks to its strong local economy highlighted by the aforementioned Hershey.

The presence of a large number of Pennsylvania government agencies and federal government agencies also solidifies Harrisburg's financial stability all the more.

Culture of Harrisburg

Harrisburg is home to the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, the Hilton Harrisburg and Towers and the National Civil War Museum.

If you aren't interested in driving to the local museums, you will likely enjoy spending time at the tranquil Paxton Creek that extends to the Susquehanna River.

Other local nature highlights include Italian Lake parks and Wildwood Lake. Slightly to the north of the city is the visually striking Blue Mountain Ridge portion of the Appalachian Mountains.

Head slightly to the west and you will find the Cumberland Valley. The rich green Lebanon Valley is positioned to the east of Harrisburg.

In short, there are no shortage of hiking, biking and exploration opportunities in the greater Harrisburg area.

Though it will prove difficult to traverse the city on foot during the cold and snowy winter, outdoor lovers speak highly of Harrisburg's weather throughout the summer, spring and fall.

While other parts of the Northeast have sweltering summers, Harrisburg's daily mean temperature in July is a mere 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Those interested in local architecture are encouraged to check out the Pennsylvania State Capitol building in Harrisburg.

The building's central dome extends nearly 300 feet into the air. This dome was inspired by the famous dome of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome's Vatican City.

The state capitol is taller than all but two other Harrisburg structures. Additional local architectural highlights include Pennsylvania Place and 333 Market Street.

In terms of cultural events, Harrisburg is home to a litany of performance venues and nightclubs.

Drive through downtown Harrisburg and you will find a wide array of cultural hotspots including the uber-popular Hi-Hat, the Chestnut Street Hall, the Madrid Ballroom, the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts and the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra.

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