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A Little About Buffalo, New York!

Buffalo is the second-largest city in the state of New York. Located on the eastern end of Lake Erie, Buffalo borders Canada at the head of Niagra Falls. With a population of over 250,000, Because of its proximity to Boston and Cleveland, Buffalo has become a major economic center.

Incorporated in 1832, Buffalo became the largest railway hub after Chicago. Then the city transitioned to manufacturing, which was dominated by steel production. Now, Buffalo has many industries such as healthcare, life sciences, banking, higher education, and logistics, as well as manufacturing. The gross domestic product of the Buffalo–Niagara Falls MSA was $53 billion in 2019.

Known as a humid continental climate, this is common in the Great Lakes region, and due to the proximity to Canada, lake-effect snow is a defining characteristic of Buffalo's winters. This is where snow bands can produce differing intensities and effects on the city depending on the direction of the winds relative to Lake Erie.

Overall, Buffalo gets a lot of snow and is known to be quite cold in the winter. Buffalo's summers are drier and sunnier than other cities in the Northeast, with a good amount of rain as well. The summers are typically below 90 degrees, and but August is usually rainier and muggier than the average.

Go Ice Biking

Buffalo is notorious for intense winters. If you are someone who loves being active, this can feel like a drag. One of the best things to do in Buffalo in the winter is to go to the biking skate rink. You place your bike on top of stable bars supported by blades and it is easy to balance.

Then you press the pedals and go across the ice. You can also visit Canalside for ice bowling and ice bumper cars, which is exactly what it sounds like. Head to the Cornerstone Arena to experience this.

Go to a Neon Bar

Go to Misuta Chow and check out the neon bar. Here you can taste Japanese food similar to a street market, and then go downstairs to the dining room with an open kitchen.

With incredible dishes such as octopus-tentacle hot dogs to salmon roe deviled eggs, be sure to try the bao tacos too. Go back upstairs and enjoy skeeball, pinball machines, and classic arcade games.

Tour a Silo

If you are interested to learn a bit about the history of Buffalo, then you should take a trip to the Silo Vertical Tour.

Here you can go up in a grain elevator, take in views of the city, and learn the history of this 109-year-old grain elevator:

Enjoy Outdoors on the Water

The waterfront area of Canalside is home to markets, concerts, restaurants, and the ice rink, but there is also Outer Harbor. The area has more than 200 acres of greenery, as well as a bike path, kayak rentals, bike rentals, ziplining, and more.

Spend only $1 to take a boat ferry across the Buffalo River. Here check out the lighthouse and taking pictures near the pier, then enjoy the quiet outside of the city. Zipline into the Mouth of a Shark

What may sound crazy is one of the best things to do in Buffalo. Head to Buffalo Riverworks and check out some live music, kayak, check out roller derby, and drink great craft beer.

You can zipline from the brewery, through a huge six-pack of beer cans, through a beer garden, straight into the mouth of a giant shark mural. Then grab a sour beer that tastes like Froot Loops. Sounds like an incredible day to me.

Enjoy a Bills Game

The Bills Mafia team is known to be pretty crazy, and the tailgate parties match. Tailgating in Buffalo is an absolute must-do for any sports fan.

Experience the craziness of a mass crowd, grab an ice-cold beer, and wear Bills gear. Be sure to grab wings, hot dogs, or burgers, and then enjoy some buffalo sauce along with it.

Eat Buffalo Wings

You might call them Buffalo wings, but in Buffalo, they are just called wings and hot sauce. Head to the national wing festival in September where people bob for wings in a baby pool filled with blue cheese.

Be sure to truly enjoy a ton of wings while in Buffalo, and head to the local joint, Anchor Bar.

Visit Niagara Falls

Although Niagara Falls may seem isn’t. Take a drive to the falls and experience it,

then drive over to the other side of the border. Have a Canadian-filled day, then come back for the wings.

The City Filled With More to do Than You Thought

Although the winters can be harsh in Buffalo, there is more to do in this city than most people realize.

Jump in your car, take a trip, and enjoy all the exciting things that make Buffalo, Buffalo.

Get Cash For Junk Cars in Buffalo!

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Why We Love Buffalo! Buffalo is a city with an attitude and reputation as large as the wild, roaming bovines that the city takes its name from. The city is known for some of the finest architectural structures in the United States, like the Darwin D. Martin House or the town’s art-deco inspired city hall!

Buffalo is not only home to beautiful man-made monuments, but also natural, breathtaking sights unlike anywhere else, such as parts of the Niagara Falls. In addition to the sightseeing, Buffalo’s cuisine cannot be missed!

Birthplace of the buffalo chicken wing, and Buffalo-style pizza; the food in Buffalo takes inspiration from a countless number of other countries. Cash For Cars Buffalo is so honored to be a part of such a culturally diverse, and naturally beautiful community like Buffalo.

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