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A Little About Newburgh, New York!

Very few cities in New York offer the same cultural and historical experiences that Newburgh, NY provides. Originally founded in 1609 during an exhibition by Henry Hudson – the namesake for the Hudson River, where the city sits was dubbed a “pleasant place to build a town” by Hudson’s guide, Robert Juet.

The pair made it happen, appointing a provincial governor and working on building the city up with European settlers. Shipyards and docks were erected in Newburgh, NY throughout the 1700s, and the city was officially named Newburgh in 1752.

The name represents another Newburgh, but this one is in Scotland, and Cadwallader Colden, a surveyor, came up with the name to remind himself of home. Newburgh, NY was the site of many military talks, including being a headquarter for the Continental Army in 1782.

This was where the Newburgh Conspiracy took place. A small group of senior officers had planned to overthrow General George Washington, but the soon-to-be First President talked the senior officers into remaining loyal to him.

It wasn’t until 1865 that Newburgh was incorporated as an official city in New York. The 21st century has been one of resurrection for the city, as funds have gone to restore over 1,000 historic buildings.

Many of those buildings have been added to the National Register of Historic Places, making Newburgh one of the best places to go for historians and war buffs. As of 2021, Newburgh, NY is home to just over 28,100 people across roughly 13,000 households.

What’s the Weather Like in Newburgh, NY?

New York is notorious for having bitter cold winters that dump foot after foot of snow on the ground, and Newburgh is no different.

This city has an annual average of 37 inches in snowfall, while wintry daytime temperatures only reach roundabout 39-degrees Fahrenheit.

Nights drop to a frigid 16- to 19-degrees Fahrenheit. No wonder New Yorkers know when to bundle up! Summer in Newburgh, NY is mild and warm with low humidity and an average of 191 clear, sunny days.

Summer rains are the norm in this city and Newburgh clocks in around 47 inches of rainfall on a yearly basis. Summer highs for the daytime reach 72- to 86-degrees Fahrenheit with nighttime lows of 49- to 63-degrees Fahrenheit.

Interesting Facts About Newburgh, NY

The Ritz Theater is situated in Newburgh, NY. Lucille Ball, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra all performed there. There’s where comedian and actress Lucille Ball made her debut in comedy in 1941.

Newburgh is separated into city sections. The most popular is the East End and it’s also the most historic. East End is home to over 4,000 historic buildings and has been described as the biggest historic district in all of New York.

Newburgh, NY has seen history across all scopes. It was the site for the first-ever Outdoor Flea Market in 1752, and Albert J. Meyer, the early meteorologist, was born in the city.

It was also, briefly, home to Thomas Edison in 1884 when he supervised the opening of the first central electric generation station.

Newburgh, NY is located in Orange County, where there is a 30-mile stretch of the famous Appalachian Trail. This portion of the trail is sectioned into the scenery, from heavily wooded to rocky cliffs, valley views, and lake overlooks.

Additionally, the Balmville Tree, dubbed America’s Smallest Forest, is just on the outskirts of Newburgh. The tree is an Eastern Cottonwood, roundabout 300 years old, and logged into the National Register of Historic Places.

The ENE International Film and Music Festival is an annual October event that spans four days. Local bands have the opportunity to showcase their music on live stages, while local filmmakers are given the chance to show their short films on one of several big screens.

In many cases, there are producers at these events, so local artists have a chance of “making it big.” Admission is free for visitors. There are food trucks, art scenes, children’s activities, and film and music competitions.

Where to Grab a Bite to Eat in Newburgh, NY

Newburgh, NY is loaded with delicious foods to try from various restaurants in the city. Joe’s Pizza, for instance, serves up classic New York pies in a family-friendly, family-owned atmosphere.

It’s both a pizzeria and a deli shop with menu favorites like garlic knots with homemade marinara, breakfast pia, and Joe’s Special with eggplant, roasted red peppers, artichokes, and garlic bits.

Another Newburgh favorite is Hudson Street Café. Small, cozy, and quirky, this little restaurant dishes out daily breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner.

Some of their classic foods that locals love include Donna’s meatloaf sandwich on sourdough, the Mushroom Melt, the Grown-Up Grilled Cheese, and the 7 oz. Café Patty Hereford Burger.

Newburgh, NY is a city that flourished from a simple expedition in the 1600s.

It’s fascinating and historic, with enough intrigue to last you through a few weekends of spare time. Go explore!

Get Cash For Cars in Newburgh

Selling a used car can be a hassle. Especially when it comes to selling a used car on your own. Buyers always want to inspect every little detail before even hearing what you’re asking. Thankfully, Cash for Cars Newburgh is here to help! Our easy 3-step car selling process makes selling your car a breeze!

By selling your car with Cash for Cars you get to sit back and relax as our complimentary towing service arrives at your doorstep with your guaranteed cash offer. You read that right, we come to you with free towing and cash on the spot. What more could you ask for?

We here at Cash for Cars Newburgh are not concerned with the state of your vehicle. Your car could have something as small as a fender bender, or your car could be recovering from a bad wreck.

To us, it does not matter! With nearly 35 years of experience in the car industry and nearly 200 locations, we have learned that every vehicle has value. We’re the top American Cash for Cars business in Newburgh and areas near you!

Cash For Cars, Newburgh Perks

Let’s say it isn’t a car that you’re trying to sell. No need to worry you still get the most accurate and competitive cash offer in the market for your truck, SUV, RV or boat.  With all the perks of doing business with us including:

 ◘ Free Towing
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 ◘ Guaranteed Cash Offer

Did we mention that we pay cash for our cars that we buy? When you connect with a purchasing agent by calling, 1-800-227-2893. Their job will be to provide you with the most accurate and competitive offer on the market. This way you know you aren’t being taken advantage. Newburgh, what are you waiting for? Fill out the form on this page, or call Cash For Cars now and get rid of your used, damaged or junk car today!

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