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A Little About Glassboro, New Jersey!

Glassboro, a borough within New Jersey's Gloucester County currently has just under 20,000 residents. Today's Glassboro originally began as a township through a New Jersey Legislature act dating all the way back to the spring of 1878.

The city was officially incorporated in the form of a borough in March of 1920. The name of "Glassboro" is a reference to the city's glass industry.

History of Glassboro

Glassboro is also famous for its Summit Conference that took place in the late 60s between the United States president at the time (Lyndon B. Jonson) and the Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin. These two power brokers met at Glassboro State College which eventually became Rowan University.

The summit's friendly atmosphere is symbolic of the city's welcoming vibe. Indeed, nearly everyone who visits Glassboro or resides here is quick to testify that it is a friendly city in which people look out for one another. However, Glassboro is best known for its glass manufacturing.

In fact, the majority of the city's early history is centered on the manufacture of various glass products. Originally established in the late 1800s by Solomon Stanger and named Glass Works in the Woods.

This unique city drew glass manufacturers from all over the state and elsewhere in the years to follow. Examples of local glass manufacturers include Harmony Glass Works, Olive Glass Works and Heston-Carpenter Glass Works.

Geography for Glassboro

All in all, Glassboro spans nearly 10 square miles. Though this is not the largest city, it is fairly large for New Jersey, which is one of the smaller states in the country. 

Locals generally enjoy living in the area as it has a vibrant economy and is located within a short drive of Atlantic City, New York City and several other east coast attractions. 

Take a spin through Glassboro in your ride and you will agree it is easy on the eyes, chock full of things to do and has plenty of activity. Driving through Glassboro is easier in the summer, spring and fall when the temperatures are above freezing. 

Though Glassboro gets quite cold in the winter, its climate still qualifies as a humid subtropical based on the Koppen Climate Classification system. Aside from visiting local glass manufacturers and taking trips to nearby cities, Glassboro residents and visitors alike rave about the area's parks and recreation opportunities.

The city's Wildlife Management Area stretches across 2,400 acres, extending through Glassboro all the way to Monroe Township and Clayton. In terms of transportation, most locals and visitors drive. Several major roadways crisscross throughout the city.

Hop on U.S. Route 322, Route 55, Route 47 or County Route 553 and you will agree driving in Glassboro provides plenty of green scenery, which is quite refreshing considering most other state highways are comparably bland.

If you get tired of driving, be sure to check out the Glassboro - Williamstown Trail, also referred to as the Monroe Township Bike Path. This trail extends more than six miles between the city and Monroe Township's Williamstown.

This local highlight crosses the Glassboro State Wildlife Refuge before coming to an end at Delsea Drive. Revisit the trail in the years ahead and you will likely find it has been extended by the railroad right of way, extending to Rowan University’s Bunce Hall.

Culture of Glassboro

Additional local highlights include the Liberty Virtual Reality center for high-tech fun, Sky River helicopter tours, Bogey's Sewell beer garden and event space, Rowand's Farm and the Glassboro Heritage Glass Museum. 

Whether you are looking for Mexican food, Italian, healthy vegan fare or any other culinary delight, you will find it in Glassboro. Summit City Farms & Winery is particularly popular, serving locals and visitors alike going all the way back to 1922. 

This winery has more than 30 different types of wines ranging from sweet wines to white wines and fruit wines, each of which is made with grapes harvested right here in Glassboro. If you favor beer over wine, be sure to check out the Bonesaw Brewing Co., a local favorite featuring artisanal craft beer along with a massive tasting room.

This brewery is open 7 days per week. Just be sure to bring along a designated driver so you don't put your vehicle at risk after downing your favorite brews. Stroll through downtown and Rowan Boulevard and you will find no shortage of additional options for fun, shopping and dining.

The recently built Town square, positioned between downtown Glassboro and the Boulevard has quickly become a hotbed for all sorts of fun community events. Here, you will find all sorts of fun festivities including an Art Garden and plenty of green spaces for peaceful picnics with friends, family and colleagues.

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