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A Little About Glassboro, New Jersey!

Smaller in comparison to some of the more well-known cities in New Jersey, like Newark and Atlantic City, Glassboro is a charming and historic borough with a unique name and heritage.

Glassblowing and glassmaking were big industries in Glassboro, especially around 1920 when the city was incorporated as a borough of New Jersey. Before then, it had been established as a township in 1878.

Nowadays, Glassboro thrives with a cozy population of almost 20,000 people across 9200 square miles of land. Glassboro became an even greater place of importance in 1967, when American President Lyndon B Johnson and Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin met to discuss anti-ballistic missile systems in the midst of the Vietnam War.

At the time of their meetings, the United States had been involved in the Vietnam War since 1965. The men agreed on Glassboro because it was the neutral point between New York, where protests were being held, and Washington D.C.

In 1986, Glassboro would again be graced with the presence of a United States president, as Ronald Reagan spoke at the opening ceremonies for a high school graduation.

In 2013, students asked President Barak Obama to attend their high school graduation. Unfortunately, their invitation was met with a letter of regretful decline.

What’s the Average Weather like in Glassboro, NJ?

New Jersey is no stranger to cold weather and heavy snowfall on a yearly basis. On average, Glassboro accumulates 17 inches of snow from December to March.

In winter, it can reach up to 49 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytimes, but evenings are often below freezing temperatures.

Snowfall is rarer and the temperature is a few degrees warmer on the New Jersey coastlines, but the beaches are over an hour from Glassboro.

Glassboro summers are sunny and pleasant with daytime highs of 86 degrees Fahrenheit and evening lows of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Summers in the city usually last from April to late July or early August.

Glassboro’s Annual Festivals and Events Galore

Glassboro, NJ locals love their festivals and reasons to celebrate. For example, in September, there’s an annual Glassboro Car Show & Food Truck Festival in the Glassboro Town Square. Located in Downtown Glassboro, the event hosts over 5,000 attendees in a friendly, enthusiastic outdoor atmosphere.

Over 300 classic cars are polished and ready for admiration, while the food trucks range from vegan, to barbecue, to sweets, and everything in between. Every flavor and preference are represented. There’s also live music and cold beer from local craft breweries.

In May, Glassboro gets patriotic with the annual Memorial Day Parade. On October 31st, there’s the annual Glassboro Fall Festival for kids and families. Locals decorate their car trunks for Trunk-or-Treat on Rowan Boulevard.

The best-decorated trunk is awarded a trophy for Best Trunk in Show. There are also creative stations for Halloween-inspired arts and crafts, hot apple cider, a spooky live DJ, and a few creepy-cool (but family-friendly) costumed actors lurking around.

The Glassboro Craft Beer Festival is another big deal happening rain or shine in the Glassboro Town Square.

Usually scheduled for September, the event pulls thousands of people to taste wines and beers from a long list of craft breweries from all over New Jersey.

Where to Eat in Glassboro, NJ

As much as locals love to celebrate, they also love to eat, especially good, delicious, often homemade foods that are tried-and-true to New Jersey. For example, Peter & Sons Sandwiches serves up delicious, handmade hoagies and cheesesteaks in a friendly, downhome diner atmosphere.

The sandwiches are piled high and there are daily specials, plus a big menu and lots of options, so you are sure to leave satisfied (and with leftovers). Some of the most popular menu options include the classic cheesesteak, the chicken cutlet with vodka sauce sandwich, and homemade meatball sub with a side of garlic parmesan fries.

Feeling more in the mood for breakfast classics? Dawn to Dusk Café on Rowan Boulevard is famous for their Jersey Burger, a morning burger with pork roll, fried eggs, and mustard on a brioche bun.

They also offer a variety of all-day breakfast options like huevos rancheros, the breakfast burrito, steak and eggs, and homemade buttermilk waffles. For sweet treats, stroll over to Cookie Munchers.

These cookies are delicious and ginormous to satisfy any sweet tooth. The best part? They are open until 1am or later, delivering fresh, homemade, warm cookies to your door in Glassboro. Their gigantic chocolate chip cookies are local favorites!

Glassboro is, by city standards, a small township, where locals know other locals and generations of families still live in their historic family homes. It has the charm and coziness of a township established in 1779 because it was. It’s the place you go for down time, cool history, celebrations, and good eats.

Get Cash For Cars in Glassboro West!

Many people get frustrated when trying to sell their car. I mean, who can blame them. It seems like for every serious offer, there's ten tirekickers who just want to waste your time. Think of all the spammy messages, sketchy requests, and all of the weirdos you gave your phone number and email address to!

That's why makes it as easy as possible to sell your vehicle no matter where you live! Cash For Cars Glassboro West has been buying cars from the public, all over the United States, for over 35 years! Selling your car in Gloucester County has never been easier! All it takes is a call to (856) 214-8794, and 5-10 minutes of your time!

In 24 hours of less, your could turn your car into cash. It doesn't matter what condition, what make, model, or year; Cash For Cars Glassboro West will take it all! Don't wait around until it's too late! Freezing cold temperatures and snow can be hard on a vehicle, especially a junker.

The sooner you can get rid of it the better for the vehicle and for your wallet. Cash For Cars Glassboro West will pickup your vehicle no matter where you are in Gloucester County. Give us a call at (856) 214-8794, and get cash for your car in 24 hours or less!


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