How to Sell Your Truck

When deciding whether to sell your truck, there is a lot of things to consider and also the know-how to sell your truck. Truck culture is a lifestyle among enthusiasts. They represent hard work, determination, and American values. Many truck owners have a hard time parting with their trucks because of their utilitarian uses and powerful stance above most other in traffic. Despite this, there will always be a time when a truck starts to break down and can’t give anymore. These reasons vary from truck and from owner.

Why Should You Sell Your Truck?

Rising Gas Prices

Gas prices fluctuate as supply and demand increases and decreases. Trucks aren’t known for their gas mileage and if gas prices are high, truck owners might evaluate alternative, more fuel-efficient means to travel or sell their gas guzzlers for trucks that have good gas mileage.


Many midsize, or small trucks only have two seats: the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat. For those who are starting families, it might be time to sell their smaller truck and buy a truck to transport their growing family.

Truck Is Too Small for the Work

For those who use their trucks daily for heavy duty work, small and midsize trucks might not cut it anymore in terms of torque or pull capabilities. Large, heavy duty trucks might be needed to not overwork and damage their truck.

Truck Is Just Too Old

Like any vehicle, trucks get old and start to fall apart. In this case, it’s always best to sell your truck and upgrade to something that matches your current needs in a truck and is much more reliable.

How to Sell Your Used Truck and Its Difficulties

Selling a truck isn’t always easy. Truck owners tend to be more brand loyal than their car owning counterparts. Truck brands tend to represent what that truck owners wants or needs from their truck.

  • RAM
  • Ford
  • Chevrolet
  • GMC
  • Toyota

These brands are the most common brands you will see from consumer trucks. Ford owners are often adamant about owning a Ford truck because of their roots in American history and usually don’t like Chevrolet trucks. On the other hand, Toyota truck owners may feel that American brand trucks aren’t near as reliable and are far too old-school.

Sell Your Semi Truck

Some truck buyers are looking for semi-trucks instead of consumer trucks. It is important that when you are trying to sell your truck, you differentiate between the two as to not get confused offers or less visibility to the right buyers.

Sell Your Classic Truck

If you have an old classic truck that needs restoration, then you should also differentiate this from other trucks. These trucks are of interest to truck enthusiasts who enjoy restoring them. You can usually get a pretty good price for classic trucks despite what condition they may be in due simply to their rarity.

How to Sell a Truck and the Documents You’ll Need

Selling your truck is very similar to selling your car regarding the process and paperwork required. Due to the utilitarian nature of trucks, it is even more important you are upfront and honest with any repairs that have been done to your truck. Things that have the potential to fail or break become even more dangerous when there could be objects being pulled, towed, or carried. These failures in the truck can be catastrophic.

Truck History Report

Used to show any major things have happened to the car over its lifetime. This includes title rebranding, registration dates, title transfer, etc.

Maintenance Records

This documents all maintenance and repairs that have ever been done to the truck by a mechanic or licensed technician.

Warranty Documentation

This isn’t always applicable for every truck or vehicle. Some trucks are no longer under warranty. If this is the case, this document is not necessary.

Odometer Disclosure

Document that states the number of miles that the truck has before it is sold to the new owner.


The single most important document for owning, buying, and selling a car. To sell a truck without a title is very difficult and you will need to apply for a replacement title at your local DMV.

Bill of Sale

An official document signed by both buyer and seller that proves that there was an exchange between the buyer and seller. Both parties agree on the exchange of ownership.

Commercial Fleet Registration

If you are selling a semi-truck, it is important that this registration is up to date if selling to a buyer who plans to drive the truck for commercial use.

Where Can You Sell Your Truck?

Many of the places that people sell their cars, you can also sell your truck. There are specific marketplaces that specialize in selling trucks.


Just like you can sell a car on Craigslist, you can also sell a truck on Craigslist. It is important that you post in the correct groups to ensure more visibility of your ad. Be careful though; you will still get many spam messages and bad leads even if you’re selling a truck.

Truck Marketplaces

A specialized truck marketplace is also a good place to find buyers for your truck. Unfortunately, these marketplaces can be slow and expensive to post to. Not to mention, global attention means having to ship your truck overseas if your buyer is from far away.


Is grandpa’s old daily driver sitting out in a field in front of your house? If you need to sell a junk truck, many people turn to junkyards. These are a good option because they will pay you by the ton for the truck’s worth in scrap metal and parts. Often though, you will get far less than what you could by selling to someone else.

Car and Truck Buyers

This is the best place to sell your truck because they make it as easy as possible to sell. It is important that you look for legitimate car buyers will plenty of experience, have been around for a long time, and have legitimate reviews from verified websites.

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