When Is the Best Time to Sell Your Car?

Deciding when is the best time to sell your car is a decision that is personal and up to each prospective seller. This decision is determined by a multitude of factors. These factors are usually things like:

  • Current condition of the vehicle
  • Recalls on the vehicle
  • Mileage of the vehicle
  • Parts on the vehicle expected to break
  • Spike in the value of a classic car

The question of whether you should sell your car is complicated, and often stressful. We want to demystify some of the factors that help make this decision and decide when it is time to sell your car.

How Long Should You Keep Your Car?

A few questions you might be asking yourself are “when is my car too old to drive?” or “should I sell my car before 100,000 miles?” These questions can easily be answered with research about your vehicle and things that might potentially break as the car ages. One thing that should be kept in mind is your own personal care for the vehicle. If you have gone to a mechanic to get everything checked when the check engine light comes on, or regularly get brake pads replaced, fluids flushed etc., then you stand a higher chance of your vehicle lasting far beyond 100,000 miles. If you own one of the models below, it might be time to consider selling your car for something more reliable.

When is Best Time of the Year to Sell Your Car?

As far as the best time of the year to sell your car, it is often recommended to start the selling process sometime between March and August. As weather begins to clear up, more people are looking for a new, fun car to drive. This is also during tax refund season, meaning that many prospective buyers have lots of cash on-hand and are looking for their next vehicle!

How Should I Price My Car to Sell?

Now that you have decided to sell your car and you know the best time to sell, how much should you price your car at? There are many different valuation websites that can give you an unbiased, valuation of your car that you can use as a baseline. These sites include:

  • Kelly Blue Book
  • Edmunds
  • Hagerty
  • NADA
  • Carfax

These just scratch the surface of the many different car valuation websites that are out there. The sooner that you can sell your car, the better though! This is because of depreciation. You might ask yourself, “how much does a car depreciate per year?” This can be a difficult question to answer because every model of car depreciates a different rate. It is best to do your research on your car to avoid the worst time to sell your car!

Should You Trade in Your Car or Sell It?

While trading in your car for credit towards your next car is always an option, you will almost certainly get less for the trade-in value then selling your car outright. Not only that, but trading in a car with problems also doesn’t bode well for the trade-in value. If your car has mechanical issues that the dealer will have to fix, this could dramatically decrease the amount you could get for your car! In fact, cars that have major issues, like transmission problems or engine damage, they won’t even take it! Even if you just bought a car and want to trade it in, the trade-in value is dramatically lower then what you paid for the car. It is almost always better to sell your car than to trade-in to a dealer looking to make a profit. You can read more about trading your car and cash and car dealerships here!

Selling a car yourself can be very time-consuming, frustrating, and is more than likely not worth the time and effort for the additional cash you might get. If you have a car with mechanical issues that you want to sell, individual buyers and sellers will be reluctant to pay much for them because of the additional legwork to make your car functional.

The Best Way to Sell Your Car At Anytime!

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