The Process of Selling Your Car to Us

Traditionally, selling your car can be a big hassle. From meeting up with random strangers, waiting weeks or months for a serious offer, and taking time out of your nights and weekends, selling your car is an ordeal. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’re changing the way that you sell your car for the better! Below is our “The Process of Selling Your Car to Cash For Cars” video that helps to explain what we do and how easy we make it to sell your vehicle.

Cash For Cars makes the process simple, quick, and hassle-free. From title transfer, legal paperwork, and free towing, we have you covered. We are America’s largest car buyers, and with nearly 200 locations, its no wonder why! From start to finish we keep our customers in mind. We want to make car selling a smooth and easy process. Selling your car or truck has never been safer, easier, and faster! We can even tow your car and have cash in your hand in as little as 24 hours! Allow us to show you how we buy cars.

How We Buy Cars in 3 Steps

  • Contact us for your guaranteed cash offer
  • Schedule a pickup time for your vehicle
  • Collect your cash offer while we pick up your car

We deliver a quick and easy process for selling your car without the hassles that come with selling your vehicle through an online classified ad or Craigslist. Sometimes, listing your vehicle online through a classified ad can seem like the easiest option, but it’s often more hassle than it’s worth. Plus, every day your car sits, the more value it loses. Our expert car buyers will match your car with thousands of other similar cars in our database to make sure that you get the offer that you deserve for your car. Cash for Cars is proudest of our excellent customer service reviews. With hundreds of positive reviews, Cash for Cars is the best place to sell your vehicle! Contact us to Get Cash for Your Car today or watch more videos and check out our YouTube channel to learn more about Cash For Cars.  

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Going above and beyond, making sure that every customer gets off the phone satisfied, and creating the best experience in the “cash for cars” industry is what customer service means to Cash For Cars. We believe that a customer will tell you how they want to be treated. It’s important to us to listen to our customers. We understand that selling your car can be a big decision. There shouldn’t be one part of the entire car selling process that you, the customer, is not completely comfortable with. That’s why our representatives walk you through the entire process.

Cash For Cars is the best way to sell a car. With nearly 180+ locations nationwide, we are honored to serve our

Traditionally, selling your car can be a big hassle. From meeting up with random strangers, waiting weeks or

With Cash For Cars, you can obtain instant cash for your vehicle. Our process consists of three steps: Call or

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If you are trying to sell a car with mechanical problems, it can be very difficult to sell your car privately.

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Going above and beyond, making sure that every customer gets off the phone satisfied, and

Video Transcription

“A customer will tell you how they want to be treated if you’ll just sit and you’ll listen to them and then treat them with the respect that you want to be treated with. Their job is primarily to make sure the customer knows they are in the best of hands. We listen to them, we don’t just throw a price at them to get them off the phone. We walk them through the process, we explain everything that’s done. And it’s all about showing care about this transaction, and that you’re on the side of the customer.

Customer service is not just about just answering the phones, it’s being kind to the customers. We make sure that we make them happy at the end of the day. In customer service you always have to make sure that the call ends up with the customer being satisfied.

Most individuals when they call in, they’re tied to their vehicles–they don’t want to let them go, so being able to put them at ease, and give them a great price for their vehicle, knowing that they’re satisfied at the end of the day, makes me feel satisfied. I just try to be positive, and make it the best situation for them. You have to be a people person, you have to know how to interact with customers, and go over and beyond for each person you speak with. They can tell how honest or straightforward you’re being with them.

The most important thing is the experience you’re giving them. If we buy one car today and that customer is happy, we’re good. My chief role here is development, growth, make sure that these agents know how to be the best, and represent us with pride every day.”

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