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A Little About Spokane, Washington

In 1909, Spokane, Washington became famous for being the birthplace of Father’s Day, a full day for people to honor fathers, grandfathers, and anyone else in a paternal role. The day was proposed by Sonora Dodd, the daughter of an American Civil War veteran.

Her father was a widower and raised Sonora and her five brothers in Spokane. She appreciated him so much that she wanted the world to know, which led to the first Father’s Day being celebrated in Spokane, WA in June of 1910. The day is now celebrated worldwide.

Native Americans named Spokane. The Spokane Tribe inhabited the land before anyone else. Their name meant “Children of the Sun” or “The Sun People.” They spoke Salishan, a Native American language, so the word Spokane is Salishan.

The city was incorporated into Washington in 1881. Back then, it sprawled across a meager 1.5 square miles of land with 350 residents. The city’s population now sits just under 217,500 people spread across 91,000 households that cover 68 square miles. Quite a population boom in comparison to the early days!

Interesting Facts About Spokane, WA

Spokane is considered the sunny side of the state with 171 recorded clear, sunny days on average per year. The city of Spokane is located alongside the Spokane River, which is 92 miles west of the Rocky Mountains.

Spokane is nicknamed “The Lilac City.” This nickname comes from the beautiful purple flowers that are native to the area and bloom in abundance throughout springtime.

Lilacs weren’t always native to Spokane. They were brought to North America with colonists in the 1700s.

Until the 1980s, the local economy in Spokane depended on mining goods and minerals, such as gold, silver, and timber. They also had a big boom in agriculture with over 2,500 food processing farms: the second highest number of farms in Washington.

The Average Summer and Winter Weather in Spokane, WA

On average, summertime is met with mild warm temperatures of between 67- to 84-degrees Fahrenheit from May through September.

Summer evenings drop to 43- to 56-degrees Fahrenheit. Winters in Spokane, WA begin in November with daytime highs between 33- to 42-degrees Fahrenheit and nighttime lows between 22- to 29-degrees Fahrenheit.

Average snowfall for Spokane is 43 inches per year, which is almost double the amount of snowfall that the rest of the United States gets annually.

Rainy days for Spokane clock in at 17 inches of rainfall per year.

The Best Parks and Nature-Focused Activities in Spokane, WA

Spokane, Washington boasts beautiful natural scenery, so much of their attractions are either outdoors or nature-focused.

Some ideas for the best parks and nature-focused activities include:

Manito Park

One of the most beautiful parks in Spokane, Washington! This park features garden upon garden, row upon row of flowers. Paths weave through the park and benches dot the well-manicured lawns with views of hand-carved fountains, annual flower gardens, and a well-maintained conservatory.

There are two playgrounds for children – one is a classic playground, while the other is a water playground. There is no charge to visit the park.

Spokane Falls

With walkways alongside the river, Spokane Falls is a natural waterfall that was once the meeting grounds for Native American Tribes in the area. The one-mile trail is a loop around the falls, allowing visitors to explore the scenery from all angles.

On the calmer parts of the Falls that flow into the Spokane River, visitors can kayak, fish, or take guided gondola rides.

Mount Spokane State Park

Hiking trails crisscross this mountain range. The trails vary in skill level requirements and difficulty, so you can decide for yourself how lengthy, short, or challenging you want your hike to be.

You might catch a glimpse of wildlife, like deer and grey wolves, and there are areas where you can camp, pick wild berries, and explore the stone vista at the top of Mount Spokane.

The Best Places to Eat in Spokane, WA

Spokane, Washington is a melting pot of different cultures, so there are bound to be foods that catch your interest.

Two of the best restaurants in Spokane, WA include:

The Flying Goat

This pizzeria serves up homemade pizza pies and a full menu of Italian favorites. Their menu items have quirky names, like Devils Toenail Wings, which are wings dipped in honey apple BBQ sauce or buffalo sauce, then served with celery and gorgonzola dressings.

Other menu favorites include the Waikiki pizza with pineapple and jalapeno, the Cora pizza with chicken breast and artichoke hearts, and the Wellington pia with mushrooms, cream, and roasted garlic.

Satellite Diner and Lounge

The atmosphere here is a cross between American diner and classic pub. Most locals are obsessed with the homemade Philly cheesesteak and au jus. Other menu classics include a breakfast burrito, the Satellite club sandwich, and a traditional tuna melt.

Spokane, Washington is a progressive, beautiful town that blossoms with history as much as it blooms with springtime lilacs. It’s a cool, fun city to explore when you have a weekend to spare.

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