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A Little About St. Cloud, Minnesota!

St. Cloud is a city in Minnesota. With around 68,000 residents, St. Cloud was named after the Saint-Cloud in France. There are 30 undeveloped islands that line St. Cloud which makes it a destination for kayak and canoe enthusiasts. This is along 12 miles stretch of wild and scenic riverfront.

Originally, St. Cloud was occupied by various indigenous peoples. Europeans met with the Ottawa, Ojibwe, and Winnebago tribes when they originally traded with Native American people. In 1848, Minnesota was organized as a territory. By 1851 settlers had come to St. Cloud, and the city was born.

Found in the warm summer continental climate zone, it means that St. Cloud has warm summers and cold winters. In the winter you can expect moderate to heavy snowfall, with the daily mean temperature in January being 11 degrees. The mean in July is 70 but has gone up to 107.

Overall, St. Cloud is home to friendly people, amazing food options, and fun outdoor activities. Although you maybe never heard of St. Cloud, there are a variety of things to do in this city.

Head to the Quarry

Originally, Saint Cloud was once home to granite quarries. The red granite has been popular for use in homes and public buildings. Now, you can go to the Hundred Acres Quarry park on a tour.

This operated in the area from the early 1860s until the mid-1950s. Today it is called the Quarry Park and Nature Preserve. You can also go hiking on over 700 acres of hiking trails with both oak and aspen trees.

Watch a Live Show

With a variety of acclaimed shows and concerts, the Paramount Center for the Arts offers a variety of performances. With live concerts, local, and regional musical acts, you can also take one of the many workshops and classes on a variety of subjects. Another location is Pioneer Place on Fifth.

This is now an intimate setting for concerts. You can usually find tribute performers emulating stars such as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Janis Joplin, Queen, or the Carpenters.

Head to Minneapolis

The capital of Minnesota is Minneapolis, and it is only an hour’s drive away from St. Cloud. Here you can experience the most populated city in Minnesota.

Take in the high-rise office buildings and vibrant nightlife. There is a ton of different types of food, culture, museums, and plenty more to experience. Just jump in your car and go, you can be back before dinner.

Spend Time On The Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is a wonderful place to cool down, but you can also spend time at the water level. Rent a kayak and go down the country’s most famous river.

You can also rent a boat, or bring your own. As you cruise down you may see loons or herons along the shoreline.

Take in the Roses

Along the shore of the Mississippi River, the Munsinger and Clemens Gardens have beautiful views and incredible rose gardens.

The Munsinger Garden features 14 acres of flower paths, while the Clemes Garden features 7-acres. During the summer you can enjoy outdoor concerts featuring local musicians.

Experience Lake George

Only a short distance from downtown Saint Cloud, Lake George Park offers a variety of activities. Here you can hike, paddleboard, or even kayak.

Have a picnic, relax in the shade, or go to the veterans memorial. In the summer you can enjoy an outdoor concert or head to the Middletown Market. Here you can experience a type of farmer’s market with food trucks and other vendors.

Watch A Huskies Game

If you enjoy hockey, you can head to a Huskies game to watch Saint Cloud State’s men’s and women’s teams. As the top-ranked men’s team for years, the women are not far behind.

Many players have gone to play in the NHL, and there have even been Olympians from both teams. These games take place at the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center, and you can watch some of the best college hockey players compete.

Grab a Beer

Right next to the Mississippi River in downtown Saint Cloud, you can find Beaver Island Brewing Company. Here you can grab a cold beer, and enjoy some truly well-brewed beer.

The beer is made on-site. Either choose from a flight of beer or watch the brewmasters create the beer you are about to drink. This is a fun time out for everyone.

Unsuspecting City Near the Mississippi River

Whether you are looking for nature, or want to enjoy yourself on the Mississippi River, Saint Cloud offers more than you might think. Just a drive away to the state’s capital, or to one of the many parks.

This city provides the opportunity for exploration, adventure, culture, and culinary delights. There is a lot to see here. Just jump in your car and explore this wonderful, yet surprising, city in Minnesota.

Get Cash For Cars in St. Cloud

Junk cars are such a hassle. They are incredibly hard to sell. In some cases, you can’t even move them from your driveway. Not to mention they’re just hard to look at. We here at Cash For Cars St. Cloud are not concerned with the state of your vehicle. Your car could have something as minor as a fender bender, or your car might not even be able to start.

It does not matter! With nearly 35 years of experience in the car industry and over 150 locations, we have learned that one man’s trash, might be another man’s treasure. We are the top junk car removal provider in St. Cloud and are here to service surrounding areas such as; Bloomington, Sauk Rapids, and Foley.

Get with a purchasing agent by calling, 1-800-227-2893. They will be able to provide you with the most accurate and competitive offer on the market. Did we mention that we pay cash for our cars that we buy?

Well, newsflash, we do! Cold, crispy, cash in your hand the moment we pick your car up. Too good to be true? It only gets better! By selling your car with Cash for Cars you get to kick your feet up and enjoy our complimentary towing service.

You read that right, we come to you with free towing and cash on the spot. What more could you ask for? Let’s say it isn’t a car that you’re trying to sell. No need to worry you still get the most accurate and competitive offer on the market.

Even if it’s boat, RV, truck you still enjoy the perks of doing business with us. St. Cloud, what are you waiting for? Fill out the form on this page, or connect directly to a vehicle purchasing agent now with one phone call and get rid of your used, damaged or junk car today!

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