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Name: Cash For Cars - Minneapolis North
Address: 1526 Bunker Lake Blvd, Suite B, Ham Lake, MN 55304
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A Little About Ham Lake, Minneapolis!

Ham Lake is a charming suburb in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. Although it’s not far from these major cities,

Ham Lake remains fairly rural. It is a popular place for families who want to enjoy a quiet suburban lifestyle.

Geography of Ham Lake

The city of Ham Lake is located roughly 22 miles north of downtown Minneapolis. It is connected to the city via State Highway 65, although there is no public transportation within Ham Lake’s borders.

However, there is a Northstar commuter rail stop in nearby Coon Rapids. The commuter rail connects to downtown Minneapolis.

As with many other parts of Minnesota, Ham Lake has several streams, ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water within its city limits.

The largest of these is the city’s namesake, Ham Lake, as well as Lake Netta. The area contains many rolling hills and prairies, and homes are spread out from each other.

Ham Lake experiences all four seasons, with extremely cold winters and very warm summers. In some years, the area sees at least 50 inches of snow.

Since summers are hot and humid, dust storms, tornadoes, and draughts can sometimes occur.

History of Ham Lake

Ham Lake is part of greater Anoka County. European explorers first reached this area in the 18th century, and settled nearby as part of the fur trade.

However, the official town of Ham Lake was not built until 1856. Settlers noticed that the lake was shaped just like a ham and decided to establish a town there.

The original settlers called their town Glen Carey. The town was growing very quickly before a fire destroyed many local homes and businesses, and residents eventually left.

Roughly a decade later, Scandinavian settlers moved into the area and decided to rebuild the town as Ham Lake.

They found the area to be good for potato farming and making dairy products, and these operations helped sustain the economy.

However, weather in the area was very challenging, as winters were cold and snowy, and summers often brought dust storms and even the occasional tornado.

Residents initially could not buy goods or receive mail in Ham Lake, and would have to travel to other parts of Anoka County to get the things they needed. Eventually, settlers built a creamery and a few general stores. They also built several local schools.

Although life was challenging for the original pioneers who settled the area, the town continued to grow into the 20th century.

The advent of the telephone and automobile made life much easier for residents of Ham Lake. The town has continued to grow since then,

although it retains a rural feel and is very spread out. Some families in the area are directly descended from the pioneers who originally settled there.

Culture of Ham Lake

Ham Lake is a place that is full of natural beauty, and it is a very popular place to enjoy recreational activities outdoors. There are several parks and natural preserves in the area.

In central Ham Lake is Ham Lake Park, which offers access to the city’s namesake lake as well as baseball fields, a disc golf course, a playground, and walking trails.

There is also a campground on the far side of the lake. In the southwestern corner of the city is Bunker Hills Regional Park.

This park is much larger and offers two lakes, a large network of trails, a campground, a golf course, a disc golf course, and even water park that is open in the summer.

The Majestic Oaks Golf Club is also nearby, making Ham Lake a great place to live for anyone that likes to golf.

This is one of the most popular courses in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and is highly regarded as a championship course.

The golf club is also a very popular place to host weddings and events. Over 40 percent of the households in Ham Lake have children.

Because so many families live in Ham Lake, many local businesses and attractions are designed to be very family friendly.

These include casual restaurants, playgrounds, and fun indoor attractions for kids. There are also several youth sports leagues, and there are both public and private school options in the area.

Ham Lake is also known for its local winery, the Willow Tree Winery, which is known for its tasting room.

Many people like to travel to Ham Lake during the summer to enjoy the area’s beautiful local campgrounds, hiking, and water sports.

Ham Lake is a great place to live for anyone who wants the calm and relaxing environment of the country, but still wants to be close to the city as well.

If you are looking to sell your car in Ham Lake, contact Cash For Cars today.

Our friendly and knowledgeable local representatives will help you sell your car quickly and for a fair price.

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