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A Little About Flint, Michigan!

Flint Michigan, made famous by General Motors, Michael Moore documentaries and the city's water crisis, is the largest city in Michigan's Genesee County.

Positioned along the Flint River, Flint is about an hour's drive north of Detroit.

History of Flint

Jacob Smith, a fur trader, founded Flint in the early 19th century. Flint soon became a key lumbering center along the Saginaw Trail that was quite popular in the 1800s. The city gradually transitioned into an automotive powerhouse from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s.

As a result, Flint became known as "Vehicle City." In fact, General Motors started in Flint in the early 20th century. The majority of the company's Chevrolet and Buick automobiles were made in Flint factories in the years to follow. Flint has certainly suffered a number of economic setbacks since the late 1960s yet it is still going strong.

Rewind time way back to the early 1800s and the area that we now know as Flint was home to numerous Ojibwe tribes. The tribes gravitated toward Flint as it was in close proximity to the Flint River which had multiple fords that eventually divided these tribes as conflicts arose.

Some locals still find arrowheads near the burial mounds by these fords. In fact, some city residents currently live and work near Ojibwe burial grounds. The city's founder, Jacob Smith, negotiated exchanges of land with the Ojibwe tribe, representing the United States government in those discussions.

Flint thrived all the way through the mid-19th century, largely thanks to its perfect position between Saginaw and Detroit.

By 1860, the population of Flint's Genesee County had surpassed 22,000.

Geography of Flint

Flint's population is currently estimated at around 95,000 individuals, making it Michigan's seventh-largest city. The greater Flint metropolitan area is the fourth largest in the state with an aggregate population of around 400,000.

Incorporated way back in 1855, Flint's roots date back to its founding as a village. Take a spin through Flint and you will find there is more to do than you might assume.

The city's former Buick City site became home to a production facility constructed by the American Cast Iron Pipe Company in 2013. Local Flint organizations also grouped together to pool their resources to expand the city's central business district at this point in time.

The city's landmarks including the First National Bank building have undergone extensive renovations. Check out the Paterson Building at Third Street and Saginaw while driving through the city and you will find plenty of Art Deco inside and outside of the building.

The Flint City Bucks soccer team plays at Atwood Stadium on Flint's University Avenue. This stadium is also home to Kettering University's sports teams. Take in a game at this recently renovated stadium and you will be impressed with the fan experience.

Continue driving through Flint and you will find it is much larger than you might have initially envisioned in your mind's eye. All in all, the entirety of the city of Flint has more than 34 square miles, 33.43 square miles of which is land.

Less than one square mile of Flint consists of water. Swing though Flint's Carriage Town and you will make your way to University Avenue which is home to an abundance of Greek housing where students from the University of Michigan-Flint and Kettering University reside.

The best time to drive through Flint is in the summer. Though Flint's summers are sometimes quite humid due to the city's proximity to the water, temperatures are tolerable throughout the summer months. However, Flint's winters are cold and snowy, making it difficult to drive through the city on some days.

Flint is a lovely place to drive through in the spring and autumn months as temperatures are mild and the only threat of precipitation is the occasional rainstorm.

However, many of the city's sports teams play in enclosed arenas as the city’s winters are quite brutal.

Culture of Flint

Aside from the previously mentioned Flint City Bucks, locals and visitors alike enjoy taking in Flint Rogues Rugby Club games at Longway Park, Flint Fury football games, the Flint City Derby Girls, the Flint Monarchs' women's basketball team and the Ontario Hockey League's Flint Firebirds.

Head on over to New Standard Academy gym and you will find the Flint Vehicle City Chargers Basketball team that plays in the ABA. Aside from the area's active sports scene, Flint has all sorts of additional highlights enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Drive through this all-American city and you will have the opportunity to take in a wide array of cultural and arts exhibits and events.

Examples include the Crossroads Village & Huckleberry Railroad historical site, the Flint Institute of Arts, Applewood Estate farms, Steeping Stone Falls, the Flint Children's Museum, the Longway Planetarium and the Buick Automotive Gallery.

If you are considering selling your vehicle in or near Flint, reach out to Cash For Cars today.

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