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Name: Cash For Cars - Kincheloe
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A Little About Kincheloe, Michigan!

Kincheloe, named after the Kincheloe Air Force Base from World War II, is situated in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The former base was built in 1943, but the base was mostly abandoned and closed to make room for a more suburban city in 1977.

The town is smaller than most in Michigan, sprawling across roundabout 7200 acres with a 2021 population of 6200 people in roughly 2050 households.

The development of Kincheloe, MI relied on, and still relies, heavily on the growth of the light industry, as well as the prisons, airport runways, and a small golf course.

The Oaks at Kincheloe was expanded in 1987 to include 18 holes across two courses with a par of 72 on just over an acre of land.

The Hype About the Weather in Kincheloe, MI

The small town of Kincheloe in Michigan is one of the coldest winter towns in the United States. The rest of Michigan, on average, gets a whopping 67 inches of snow annually.

Kincheloe, however, sees 106 inches of snow on a yearly basis, which is more than triple the national average of 27 inches. Yet Kincheloe’s average still doesn’t touch the annual snowfall of its Michigan neighbor, Calumet, with an astounding 187 inches.

Aside from the snowfall, winters in Kincheloe, MI are especially cold. The daytime temperatures range from 25- to 38-degrees Fahrenheit, while nights drop to between 7- to 16-degrees Fahrenheit. Winters in Kincheloe, MI run from November to March.

Summers in Kincheloe, MI are generally sunny and pleasant. The daytime highs range from 65- to 80-degrees Fahrenheit, while the nighttime lows dip to 38- to 52-degrees Fahrenheit. Ergo, nights in Kincheloe, MI would probably be better with sweaters or cardigans year-round.

Celebrations and Festivals that Kincheloe Locals Love

Kincheloe locals love to celebrate, but the limited space in town means that most celebrations and festivals are held on the outskirts in neighboring cities. For instance, the Sault Summer Arts Festival is an annual celebration of local artisans and artists.

It’s one big outdoor exhibition that stretches from West Portage Avenue to Osborn Boulevard in Marie, Michigan – just a few minutes outside of Kincheloe’s city limits. Taking place in August, the celebration features photographs, paintings, drawings, jewelry, and a plethora of other amazing crafts, some of which are strictly on exhibit, while others can be bought.

The event lasts all day from 10 am to 8 pm. For nature lovers, the Aldo Leopold Festival is a three-day weekend in June, focusing on birds, bugs, and flowers. Located in Hessel, only a few moments from Kincheloe, the festival is dedicated to conservationist and ornithologist, Aldo Leopold.

Alongside a beautiful river, visitors to the festival will take wildflower tours, birdwatch, listen to educational programs on the wildlife in the area, and go off on paddleboat excursions to see around the Upper Peninsula.

Things You Might Love to Do and See in Kincheloe, MI

Since Kincheloe, MI is such a small town, many things to do and see are just outside of the city limits. For example, the Wheels of History Museum is in Brimley, less than 10 minutes from Kincheloe. The museum is within an old railroad train car. Admission is free, but donations are welcome.

The interior features all kinds of educational, historic information about the local railroad and its introduction to Kincheloe. There are benches outside, making this a great place for a picnic. Another historic, educational experience near Kincheloe, MI is the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum in Paradise.

It’s located at the Whitefish Point Lighthouse. You can tour a maritime museum of shipwreck memorabilia and read stories about what happened. The lighthouse works, and the museum features a special monument in dedication to the Wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald. 

If laidback outdoorsy fun is more your speed, head over to Sherman Park in Marie, MI – less than 20 minutes from Kincheloe. There’s a small beach for fishing and swimming access, as well as a playground for kids of all ages.

The Best Places to Grab a Bite to Eat in Kincheloe, MI

As with attractions in Kincheloe, MI, many restaurants and diners are right outside the city limits. Big D’s Diner, for instance, is located in Pickford, and features some of the best breakfast favorites.

Some of their most beloved food options include the Big D’s Steak and Eggs, Bacon and Butterscotch Pancakes, and THE MESS, which is a combo of loaded hash browns, biscuits, sausage gravy, and eggs with toast.

Superior Pizza & Subs is another favorite that Kincheloe, MI locals love. The pizzeria serves up classic pies, like cheese and pepperoni, but they also have their own collection of custom pies. The Cheesesteak Pizza, Loaded Veggie Pizza, and Sweet Chili Chicken Pizza are local favorites.

Kincheloe, MI is a quaint wintry town of natural beauty and a small but impactful history. There’s plenty of things to do, see, and enjoy in Kincheloe – you simply have to love the journey of finding those things as much as you love the end result.

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