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A Little About Shreveport, Louisiana

Shreveport is a city in northern Louisiana. It is a very important economic center in the Gulf Coast region, and is also home to several universities.

Shreveport is also a very important cultural center for this region, as it has a thriving art community.


Shreveport is located to the west of the Red River and to the east of Cross Lake. This location made it an ideal place for a city, as the river made for easy trade connections.

Bossier City sits on the other city of the Red River, but is considered part of the general metro area. Shreveport is close to the borders of Texas and Arkansas, and many people commute from these states.

As with many other places in the southeastern United States, Shreveport is relatively flat and is surrounded by wetlands. Some parts of the area are forested as well.

The Red River National Wildlife Refuge is across the river in Bossier City and has been very important to the area’s conservation efforts.

The weather in Shreveport is generally hot and humid. While temperatures cool off during the winter, snow is very rare.

However, sleet is possible during this time. Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms are possible in the summer, and it rains consistently throughout the year.


Settlers initially made their way to the Shreveport area in the early 19th century. The area was deemed an ideal place to settle because of its location along the river as well as its proximity to established trade routes.

The Red River was initially obstructed by a log jam, and the Army Corps of Engineers had to clear it in order to settle there. Shreveport was incorporated in 1839 and quickly became a center for agricultural trade.

Shreveport was the capital of Louisiana during the Civil War and served as one of the Confederate Army’s headquarters during this time period. By the 20th century, the city had recovered and was growing significantly. It had a thriving blues and jazz scene that resulted in many notable musicians.

The US Air Force also decided to build Barksdale Air Force Base nearby, which remains today. The discovery of oil in this area also led to economic growth and created thousands of jobs.

However, the oil industry eventually moved to other cities in the late 20th century, which led to an economic downturn. This led to an increase in poverty and crime, which the city government has taken steps to correct in recent years.

In the 1990s, the city took steps to revitalize the downtown area. One way they did this was by legalizing riverboat gambling, which remains an important part of the downtown cityscape today.


Much of Shreveport’s economy today centers around tourism, and there are many fun things to do in the downtown area. Right now, there are five casino resorts on the river in Shreveport and in adjacent Bossier City. There are also several horse racing tracks in Bossier City.

These attract people from all over the South. Local tax incentives have also created a growing film industry in Shreveport, and many movies and TV shows are shot here.

There are also several family-friendly attractions to visit in Shreveport. These include the Shreveport Aquarium and the Sci-Port Discovery Center, which is home to an IMAX theater.

Shreveport is also home to several small arts centers and performing arts theaters. The Multicultural Center of the South celebrates the diverse range of cultures in Shreveport with educational programming and events.

Christianity is the most common religion in Shreveport and there are several major churches in the area. However, many other religions are also present in Shreveport, as there are established Jewish and Islamic communities.

The B’Nai Zion Temple is a historic Jewish temple that is on the National Register of Historic Places and is located in downtown Shreveport.

The city also hosts festivals and other major events throughout the year. The most notable is Mardi Gras, and there are several local krewes who parade every year. Other important events include the Louisiana Film Prize and the Independence Bowl, which is a college football game held at Independence Stadium.

There are several universities in Shreveport, which attract young people from all over the state. The largest is Louisiana State University in Shreveport, which also has the area’s only medical school.

Other universities in the area include Louisiana Tech University and Louisiana Baptist University. Barksdale Air Force Base remains active as well, whcih means there is a significant military presence in the city.

Shreveport is an evolving cultural and economic center in northwestern Louisiana. If you are interested in selling your car in Shreveport, contact Cash For Cars today. Our friendly and knowledgeable local representatives will help you sell your car quickly and for the right price.

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