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A Little About Davenport, Iowa!

Davenport, home to more than 100,000 individuals, is a city located by the Mississippi River along the eastern side of Iowa.

As the largest of the Iowa Quad Cities, the entirety of the Davenport metropolitan area has around 400,000 people.

History of Davenport

Officially founded in May of 1836, Davenport is named after a friend of one of the city’s pioneers, Antoine Le Claire. Le Claire's friend at the time was George Davenport, an English sailor who enlisted in the United States Army to fight in the War of 1812.

Davenport's roots extend back to the Sauk People, the Ho-Chunk people, the Meskwaki people and other native American Tribes. In fact, these tribes originally owned the land that is modern day Davenport.

Fast forward to the 18th century and the French claimed Davenport as a component of its New France. Canadian missionaries and traders made their way to Davenport in the years that followed.

France eventually lost to England in the Seven Years War, ultimately ceding what is modern day Davenport to the English. The United States went on to defeat the Native American tribes in the area.

The land that comprises modern day Davenport was purchased in 1832 in the Black Hawk Purchase for a mere 11 cents per acre. Antoine Le Claire, worked as the translator during the purchase and was subsequently credited with founding the city that we now call Davenport.

In fact, a large portion of the local land was given to Le Claire’s wife by Chief Keokuk of the Sauk tribe. The Le Claires’ first home was built on the site where the agreement was inked. Davenport was officially founded in May of 1836. The city was incorporated in June of 1839.

Davenport quickly grew in the mid-19th century thanks to the construction of the Rock Island Railroad. The railway expedited commerce and transportation between Davenport and Chicago.

Though an ensuing farm crisis, depression and railroad restructuring caused extensive job loss in Davenport, the area has rebounded and now has a vibrant economy.

Geography of Davenport

Davenport has grown quite quickly, largely because of its geographic location. Davenport is positioned between Des Moines and Chicago, meaning it gets plenty of traffic.

The local economy is buoyed by St. Ambrose University, the Palmer College of Chiropractic, numerous yearly music festivals and corporations such as Genesis Health System, John Deere and Hy-Vee.

Take a drive through Davenport and you will find this Iowa city has plenty to do. Local highlights include the Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival, the Mississippi Fair, the Bix 7 international foot race that spans seven miles and a Class A minor league baseball squad known as the Quad Cities River Bandits.

Davenport has more than 50 parks. Park your car at one of the local parks and you will find your way to a recreational path for a walk, jog or bike ride. In total, Davenport has 20 miles of paths for recreational use.

Getting in and out of Davenport is quite easy thanks to the three interstates and major highways that pass through the city. Interstates 280, 74 and 80 pass through Davenport.

In fact, Davenport is now ranked as one of the United States’ fastest growing cities thanks to the explosion of high-tech jobs. A large part of Davenport's success is attributable to its location along the Mississippi River's banks.

Take a drive out to the river to do some fishing or take some scenic snapshots with your smartphone and you will find the area is quite peaceful. Though Davenport summers are characterized by elevated humidity, the temperatures are tolerable.

Davenport is a bit more challenging to live in and visit during the winter months as the area receives cold temperatures, high winds and its fair share of snow. However, Davenport's relatively mild autumn and spring months provide perfect driving weather.

Culture of Davenport

Continue driving through Davenport and you won't run out of things to do even if you are in town for a week or longer. Downtown Davenport has attractions ranging from the Figge Art Museum to the Putnam Museum, the River Music Experience, the Modern Woodmen Park, the River Center/Adler Theater and the German American Heritage Center.

Bix Fest is particularly popular. This three-day festival features live jazz music, hot eats and cool treats. If you are a baseball fan, be sure to take in a Quad Cities River Bandits game at the downtown park. The Quad City Steamwheelers indoor football squad and the local hockey team, the Quad City Storm, play at the nearby TaxSlayer Center.

If you are considering selling your vehicle in Davenport or a nearby area, Cash For Cars can help. We are staffed by friendly locals who are happy to help Davenport-area residents sell their vehicle for top dollar.

Reach out to us today to find out more about how our team can help you get fair value for your truck, car or sport utility vehicle.

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