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Want to know a quick and easy way to sell your junk car in Des Moines, Iowa? At we purchase all ranges of vehicles from trucks, sedans, SUVs, boats, and RVs.

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Cash For Cars - Des Moines

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Name: Cash For Cars - Des Moines
Address: 3300 Vandalia Rd Suite B, Des Moines, IA 50317
Phone Number: (515) 631-4856
Monday: 7AM-7PM
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History of Des Moines

Des Moines has been settled by humans for at least the last 7000 years. The confluence of the Des Moines River and Raccoon River attracted prehistoric as well as modern people to this specific location. In 2010, archaeologists discovered the “Palace,” an archaeological site where some of the oldest homes and burial sites were discovered. The name Des Moines is derived from Fort Des Moines founded in 1843. It was used to control the Sauk and Meskwaki American Indian tribes.

Des Moines was swept away in the Flood of 1851. Soon after the city was rebuilt, and it blossomed to over 20,000 people and became the biggest city in Iowa. This population boom was caused by the coal industry and by 1910, 1.7% of the population of Des Moines were miners. The city continued growing and today, there are over 600,000 people in the great city and capital of Des Moines.

Des Moines Today

Today, Des Moines is an insurance hub for the United States and a major center of financial services and publishing businesses. There are multiple companies headquartered in Des Moines. Wells Fargo, Voya Financial, and the Principal Financial Group are some of the more notable companies based out of Des Moines.

One of the biggest attractions is the Iowa State Capitol with its unique gold-gilded center dome and its ornate classical architecture. Many visitors also go to see the State Historical Society of Iowa, which houses artifacts and documents from the very beginning of Iowa’s history. Des Moine is an old city that has been settled for thousands of years and has a little bit of everything. No matter what your interests are, Des Moines is a great place to visit with something for everyone.

Get Cash For Cars in Des Moines

No longer do you have to go looking for a fast and easy way to sell your junk car in Des Moines, Iowa.

At Cash For Cars Des Moines, we buy all types of vehicles ranging from cars, motorbikes, trucks, SUVs, boats, and RVs.

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We value cars in any condition, which is why we give you the best offer possible. Selling your car is now simple and always guarantees a great cash offer. We offer free towing and will come to wherever your car is in the Des Moines area, usually in less than 24 hours. We’re one of the top junk car removal services in your area, and our driver will give you your guaranteed cash offer and tow away your old car faster than you can say “junk my car!”. Give our car buyers a call at 1-800-227-2893 or fill out the form on this page before your junk car starts crumbling.

Cash For Cars Des Moines is the easiest way to recycle your old car. You’re getting paid to do a good deed, and who doesn’t love the sound of that? has been in the auto industry for nearly 35 years, so we guarantee that there’s no easier way to get cash for your car. There’s no better time to get a free offer on your used, wrecked, or junked car. All it takes is one quick phone call. Our car buyers stay current with market prices so you know you’re getting a competitive offer every time.

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