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A Little About Boise, Idaho!

Boise is the capital and the largest city in Idaho. It is known for its mountainous scenery and is a popular destination for outdoor lovers.

It is also the state’s cultural center and is a hub for small businesses. Over the past few years, the city has grown dramatically as many large tech companies have expanded their businesses here.


Downtown Boise sits in a valley just to the southwest of the Rocky Mountains. There are many popular hiking trails that start just outside of the downtown area and lead up into the hills. The Boise River runs directly through the city. The river separates the downtown area from the Boise State University area.

The city has several distinct neighborhoods, each with its own character. The downtown area is home to many of the city’s notable business and larger residential buildings, as well as several urban parks.

The north side of Boise is home to many of the area’s historic homes, while the southern and western parts of the city are home to the area’s newer developments.

The weather in Boise varies throughout the year, as the area experiences four distinct seasons. The summers are very hot, and the city’s arid climate means that rain is very rare.

Winters can get very cold, with frequent bouts of snow. Residents can go skiing at nearby Bogus Basin during the winter months.

The Boise area is located just east of the Idaho-Oregon border. It is approximately seven hours by car from Portland, Oregon and five hours from Salt Lake City, Utah.


The Shoshone and Bannock native tribes lived in the Boise area for thousands of years before Euroopean settlers ever reached the area. The Boise River made the land very fertile, making it an ideal place to settle.

French Canadian fur traders made their way to the area in the early 1800s, although the city was not established until several decades later.

In the mid-19th century, the U.S. government established Fort Boise in the Boise area. The original fort was several miles west of current-day Boise, but it was eventually abandoned and relocated to what is now downtown Boise.

Many settlers were starting to make their way west on the Oregon Trail, and the fort was necessary to prevent violence among travelers. There were also several successful mining operations in the area, which also necessitated new development.

A few years later, the government designated Boise as the capital of the Idaho territory. Idaho eventually became a state in 1890,

and Boise remained the capital city. The state capital building opened in the early 20th century, spurring further development in the downtown area.


The culture of Boise revolves heavily around outdoor recreation. Hiking and mountain biking are very popular in the summer, as there are so many trails that are accessible directly within the city limits.

The Boise Greenbelt runs directly along the Boise River and is a popular place to go for a walk or bike ride within the city. There are also some parts of the Boise River that allow fishing.

In the western part of the metro area is the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge near Nampa. This refuge is home to Lake Lowell and is a popular place for hunting, fishing, and birding at various times of the year.

There are also plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in the winter, including both downhill and cross-country skiing as well as snowboarding and snow tubing.

Several major technology companies have opened offices in the area over the past decade, and the area has also become a hub for startups.

This influx of jobs combined with the low cost of living has made the city very attractive for young professionals as well as young families.

With so many young people in the area, there have been many new restaurants and boutiques that have opened to cater to them.

Boise also has a very exciting performing arts scene. There are several small theater companies that operate in the area, and there are also plenty of music venues and festivals that host shows throughout the year.

Ballet Idaho and the Boise Philharmonic are both based in the city as well. There are several notable museums in the area as well. These include the Boise Art Museum and the Idaho Historical Museum.

The Basque Museum celebrates the area’s Basque culture. Boise is home to one of the largest concentrations of Basque people in the United States. The Basque Block downtown also showcases this unique culture.

Boise is a quickly growing city that offers the benefits of urban living combined with beautiful outdoor scenery.

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