Summer Driving Tips

Car at the beach ready for summer driving tips

With Memorial Day behind us, summer has (unofficially) begun! That means the weather is warming up, school is letting out, and plenty of people will be out on the roads. We talked before about winter driving tips, but today we’re bringing the heat with our summer driving tips.

While you may not be dealing with snow storms or frigid temperatures, summer has a whole new set of demands for your car. Our advice: prepare now before the triple digit temperatures hit and you won’t have to worry about anything other than your ice melting in your drink. Check out our tips below.


Change Out Your Winter Tires


Having the right kind of tires for the weather you’re driving in is crucial. Since the temperature affects your tire pressure, you’ll want to leave the heavy-duty tires in the garage until fall.



Pack the Essentials


Having car troubles any time is never ideal, but having to wait for assistance on the side of the freeway when it’s hot and humid makes it miserable. Keep an extra bottle of water and an emergency kit to have handy just in case.

It also never hurts to keep spare towels in your trunk in case of a spontaneous pool party or trip to the beach!


Keep It Cool


The two things you don’t want to overheat this summer are yourself and your car. For yourself, make sure to drink plenty of water, park in the shade when possible, and use your air conditioner if you have one.

For your car, make sure to keep your antifreeze/coolant at appropriate levels. Keep an eye on your temperature gauges to make sure you aren’t headed into dangerous territory. If your engine does start to overheat, pull over. Turn the car off and wait for it to cool down before you try to fix the problem.


Stay Alert


With kids out of school and many people taking vacations, there are many more people out on the roads during the summer months. Some studies have even found that more fatal crashes happen during the summer months than the winter months.

Make sure to stay focused while driving this summer. Keep an eye out for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcycles while driving.

And while it may be tempting to go crazy at those backyard BBQs with your friends, always designate a driver.

Do you have any summer driving tips? We’d love to hear them! Tell us all about them on our Facebook page!


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