Winter Driving Tips

Preparing a car for winter

In some parts of the country, snow is starting to fall, turning the towns and cities into winter wonderlands. While this is a beautiful sight to see, it can also be an incredibly dangerous time of year, especially out on the road. If you are unfamiliar with driving in snowy or icy conditions, read on for some winter driving tips about how to handle the cold weather like it’s an average sunny day.


Know your surroundings.


When driving in winter, you are constantly in danger of slipping and sliding off the road with weather conditions changing so quickly. Be aware that ice is commonly found on or under bridges or overpasses, and drive with extra care when you are around those types of areas.


Get your car serviced before it gets too cold.


When we discussed holiday travel tips last week on the blog, we mentioned it is super important to get your car serviced before winter is fully underway, and to keep up with scheduled maintenance during these cold months.

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Drive more slowly.


It takes more time than you think to slow down, turn or stop your car when the roads are slick. It can also be more difficult to see road hazards up ahead during winter storms. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination, and take extra care when driving to prevent getting into an accident.


Be prepared.


You should always have at least a half a tank of gas in your car during the winter months, just in case you get stuck in a snow bank and need to use the fuel to keep warm. Also, be sure to keep essentials like extra clothes, gloves, a flashlight and other emergency supplies in case of a sudden blizzard.


Stay home if you can.


If you don’t have to leave your house when the weather forecast turns sour, stay home! Even if you are comfortable and confident driving in ice and snow, not all drivers are. Avoid the traffic jams and the potential accidents and curl up on your own couch to binge on holiday movies and eggnog!

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