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A Little About Casper, Wyoming!

Known as The Oil City, Casper is a mid-size Wyoming town with a population of almost 59,000 people across roundabout 24,300 households. Why the nickname?

Casper was part of the original wild, wild west, which meant the oil boom of the mid-west in the 1920s caused an influx of miners, cowboys, and settlers from all over the country.

Situated at the base of Casper Mountain, the town’s northern end bumps against the Laramie Mountain Range, while the North Platte River runs alongside the city.

The township was founded as Fort Caspar in the 1840s, adding a trading post and bridge in 1859 because the North Platte River brought daily ferries.

Fort Caspar was named after Caspar Collins, a military lieutenant killed in the Sand Creek Massacre in 1865.

The name Caspar was respelled and expanded upon as a city in the late 1880s. Caspar became Casper (with an ER) due to a clerical spelling error when the town was officially registered in 1888.

What’s the Weather like in Casper, WY?

Summer days in Casper are warm and pleasant with temperatures ranging from 67 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit from May to September.

Evenings experience a significant drop to anywhere from 40 degrees to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Winters, however, can be bitterly cold and harsher with a temperature average of 38 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime but a sharp drop to 17 to 26 degrees Fahrenheit in the evenings. On average, Casper, WY has 70 inches of snowfall annually.

This is actually considered a low amount of snowfall in Wyoming since cities like Moran and Moose experience 166 to 126 inches in average annual snowfall.

Fun Festivals in Casper, WY

Folks in Casper are happy to celebrate anything that they can find to celebrate. They love their festivals and annual events because those celebrations bring people together for food and fun.

Most of the festivals are family-friendly too, so a lot of the festivals offer kid-focused activities, like face painting and fireworks.

The Beartrap Summer Festival.

Annually taking place towards the beginning of August, this festival is a weekend event on top of Casper Mountain in Beartrap Meadow. The atmosphere is beautiful and jovial with over 60 vendors and continuous live music from 9 am to 7 pm on each day that the festival is scheduled.

On average, over 3,000 people attend the celebration. There are also contests for local artisans, a specific kids’ area with fun activities, and over a dozen food booths.

The Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival

This festival is family-friendly fun incarnate! Annually celebrated in July, the festival is hosted in the Downtown Development Authority of Casper. The community gathers to watch artists create amazing pictures on the sidewalks of downtown, and a free pancake breakfast is provided to attendees by local diners.

Sidewalk artists are features in a competition with no age limit or set skill levels, so anyone can sign up to draw and show off their artistic abilities. Each artist is assigned their own large plot of sidewalk to work with. Guests can walk around and watch the artists do their work!

The Oil City Gumbo Cookoff

Taking place at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds in Casper, this event is hosted by the Wyoming Foundation for Cancer Care. Proceeds go to funding cancer treatments locals. The festivities include a kids’ area with painting and activity booths,

as well as live music, booths from local artisans, and small games. It’s a kind of miniature carnival for a good cause. Breweries contribute beer and local brews, while home cooks can enter to win first place in the gumbo cookoff.

The Best Places to Grab a Bite to Eat in Casper, WY

One of the best parts about being able to travel is experiencing the local cuisine that each place has to offer. Casper, WY is loaded with classic American favorites, as well as some tie-ins of cultural fare, so you would never get bored trying to find a place to grab a bite.

Love a good breakfast? Eggington’s is ranked as the number one restaurant in Casper, WY. Locals call it the best because of the homemade breakfasts in heaping portions.

Some local favorites include the Southern Benedict, piled high with scrambled eggs, country ham, and sausage gravy, or the Blueberry Muffin French Toast Breakfast, which is two slices of golden, custard-dipped bread with blueberries, compote, and a side of applewood bacon.

Prefer something quick? Take a chance on Taco John’s. This place offers fresh, delicious tacos for decent prices. They are a great grab-and-go location, but you can also sit down and eat inside in a quaint dining area.

Some of their bestsellers include the chicken snack quesadilla, cinnamon sugar tortilla chips, chicken bacon guac street tacos, and steak and potato burrito.

Casper, WY has a reputation as a snowy, historic town where many settlers either struck it rich or came away empty-handed. Yes, history doesn’t lie in this case, but Casper is so much more. To really experience all it has to offer, plan a weekend away to explore Casper for what it truly is.

Get Cash for cars in Casper

Cash For Cars Casper is excited to serve such a beautiful and naturally unique area as Casper in the great state of Wyoming! Casper is a small town by most other states’ standards, but is actually the second biggest town in Wyoming! Casper has been immersed in cowboy culture and is essentially still a frontier town for hundreds of years.

The majority of Wyoming is vast, open landscapes that are not often seen anywhere else in the United States. Casper started in 1859 as a trading post not far from Fort Caspar, a military fort used in defense of Native American attacks. After the fort was abandoned, the town of Casper was founded.

The reason the town is known as Casper with an “e” instead of an “a,” is because there was a type on the town registration paperwork. Today, Casper has around 55,000 people and is known as one of the best places in the nation to raise a family.

With a relatively low crime rate, and a growing suburban population; Casper has flourished despite the climate and geography that keeps Wyoming as wild as it is.

Get Cash For Cars in Casper!

If you need to sell a car in Wyoming, there are not very many options. Cities are far and few between, but Cash For Cars Casper makes it easy to sell your car without even having to leave town!

We come to you and pick up your vehicle in as little as 24 hours! Stop messing around with people on Craigslist trying to find someone to buy your car. You can get cash for your car today! Fill out our instant online quote to see how much cash you could get for your car!

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