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A Little About Jackson, Mississippi!

Jackson is the capital and most populous city in Mississippi. Comprised of only 3,000 acres, Jackson has an international airport, and around 160,000 residents. Known as "The City with Soul", Jackson obtaining this nickname because it has bread many popular musicians in blues, gospel, folk, jazz, and other genres.

Founded in 1821, the city was named after Andrew Jackson. This was due to his role in the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812. During the 1920s, Jackson became the most populated city in the state due to a natural gas boom.

Jackson is located in the humid subtropical climate zone. This means that rain occurs throughout the year, though the winter and spring are the wettest seasons. Late summer and early autumn is usually the driest time of the year, but overall snow is rare.

It is good to note that the region where Jackson sits is prone to severe thunderstorms. These can end up producing intense hail, damaging winds, and even tornadoes.

Enjoy a World of Science

The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science is located inside LeFleur's Bluff State Park. Here you can learn all about the natural history of Mississippi through educational exhibits, specimen collections, and interactive habitats.

Find a 100,000-gallon aquarium network. Here you can see over 200 native species of aquatic life. You can learn about different flora and fauna, and enjoy a large fossil collection as well. Take the kids on nature trails throughout the 300-acre grounds.

Learn Mississippi History

Jackson is home to both the original capitol building of Mississippi, built-in 1839, as well as the current state capitol building. Now, the former seated state government is open to the public as a museum.

This museum highlights the historic events that took place here. It is wonderful to tour, check out the 180-foot dome roof with a 15-foot eagle coated in gold leaf, or even view a live legislative session.

Head into Nature

The Mississippi Petrified Forest is located a quick drive about two miles outside of Jackson. The Mississippi Petrified Forest is a must-see for anyone who enjoys seeing nature and history meet. You can see the incredible fossil, and even si on a bench made of petrified wood, known as the "caveman's bench."

The museum has a collection of fossils, including dinosaur footprints, the bones of an ancient whale. Bring your children to the gem-mining flume, where they can sift for treasure.

Learn About Civil Rights

The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum offers a compelling series of exhibits, memorials, and films. Here you can learn all about the Civil War, as well as the struggles and triumphs of the 1970s.

Here you can learn about the civil rights movement, and watch films about pivotal moments, like the murders of Emmett Till and Medgar Evers.

View Works of Art

The Mississippi Museum of Art opened in 1911. They contain more than 5,500 works of art, from pre-Columbian ceramics to contemporary paintings. This is completely free to the public and focuses on local works, as well as foreign investments.

Find works from as early as the 16th century, as well as 19th- and 20th-century American art such as Andy Warhol, Robert Henri, and Georgia O'Keefe.

Eudora Welty House and Garden

The Eudora Welty House and Garden is the prior home to writer Eudora Welty. Here she lived for more than seventy-five years and wrote almost all of her fiction and essays. Here you can also read her letters, with more than 15,000 found upon her death.

This is fun to visit and see because they are known for their notable recipients and senders but also for their content. Overall they were unfiltered peek into the society of her time and her impressions on travel, friends, and life in Mississippi.

Explore LeFleur's Bluff State Park

LeFleur's Bluff State Park is home to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science but offers more than that. There are over 305 acres, which is 10% of the entire city of Jackson. Play a nine-hole golf course with a driving range, or enjoy disc golf, playgrounds, and picnic areas.

There are places to eat and shop, and it is truly an amazing place to enjoy nature. Escape from the city, go fishing, boating, or even camping! With full-service bathrooms and shower facilities, here you will have everything you need. You won’t even realize the city is so close nearby.

The City Near the Trees

Jackson is known as the largest city in Mississippi, but it offers a variety of options in terms of outdoor activities, nature, and culture. Who would have thought Mississippi would offer so much?

Overall, Jackson is a wonderful place to learn about the history of the United States, explore animals, or truly enjoy the deep south.

Get Cash For Cars in Jackson

Are you looking to recycle that junk car? Have you been trying to sell you used vehicle? Do you have a boat that just needs to get off your driveway? If you answered yes to any of these questions, probably means your fed up with this process and are waiting for something or someone to come along and rid you of your problems. Luckily, Cash for Cars Jackson is here to help.

Cash For Cars is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to sell your used or unwanted car. When you call Cash for Cars we give you a guaranteed cash offer that is the most accurate and competitive market in the industry. At Cash for Cars Jackson, we buy used and damaged cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, RVs and boats in surrounding cities including; Bloomington, Sauk Rapids, and Foley.

Cash For Cars Jackson takes care of the aches and pains associated with selling your car. All we ask is you answer some basic questions regarding your vehicle and that’s all. We don’t ask for you to fill out the daunting paperwork or ask you to coordinate a tower for pick up and delivery. We handle all that for you!

Yes, that means free towing! We are a top junk car removal company and our Jackson, Mississippi location is ready to service you. Cash for Cars Jackson always has an offer waiting for you. We also have the interest of our environment in mind too.

Cash For Cars is a perfect way to recycle your old vehicle in an environmentally friendly way—and get paid for doing so!
Jackson, Mississippi, what are you waiting for?

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