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Name: Cash For Cars - Cicero
Address: 1461 E 226th Street, Suite B, Cicero, IN 46034
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A Little About Cicero, Indiana!

Located in the Jackson Township of Hamilton County, Cicero is a town in the state of Indiana. With just over 4800 residents, Cicero is an extremely small town.

Located just on the shore of Morse Reservoir, the town of Cicero has a total area of 2.12 square miles. 80% of these 2.12 square miles are land, with the rest being water.

Founded in 1835, Cicero was given its name from Cicero Creek. It was not until 1839 when the first post office in all of the Jackson Township was established at Cicero.

It is also home to the first bridge built in Hamilton County over a major stream. When 1853 came, the railroad came as well. This saw an increase in major industries with the building of flour mills, a steam sawmill, and two glass factories.

First making news in 1987, Cicero is notable for welcoming teenaged AIDS activist Ryan White. During this time the midwest was not known as being extremely welcoming,

which is why it was incredible for its time. In 2009, Cicero made a milestone by celebrating its 175th anniversary.

Enjoy Parks and Recreation

The Cicero Red Bridge Park is a community outdoor space with reservoir views, as well as a boat dock, public pool, and playground. It is located on the West Bank of the reservoir at the Cicero bridge and is a wonderful place to view the water.

There is usually parking, and it is very accessible from the main part of Jackson street. Another park, the Cicero Community Park offers a relaxed area with walking paths and even a skating rink. You can also enjoy concerts, carnivals, and movie nights in the summer.

Garfield Park on Saturday Morning

Only 45 minutes south in Indianapolis is Garfield Park. Head here on Saturday morning to grab a coffee breakfast, and head to the Market. This outdoor market provides the opportunity to get fresh ingredients until the end of October.

Whether you need fall ingredients for your jack-o-lantern and apple cider, or you want to make a wonderful summer salad, you can do all of the above. After shopping, put your items in the car and take a walk around. Here you can also find the Tube Factory Artspace, which houses an assortment of public murals.

Visit Indianapolis

Indianapolis is less than a 45-minute drive from Cicero and offers a seriously great day trip. The capital city of Indianapolis, Indiana is home to over 850,000 residents. This city offers you haunted houses, canoeing down the White River, Miniature golf in the city, a downtown canal, and more.

Be sure to head to the Indianapolis City Market. This is the best way to dine outdoors while actually being inside. Here there is a huge two-story area that allows you to enjoy in any season, but with outdoor food stall-like offerings. Grab a tamale from the Grecian Garden or BBQ from Gomez BBQ. Grab a coffee or juice at the end.

Cycling Paradise

Cicero is also known as a destination for those interested in cycling. There are meet-ups, and routes to enjoy. Cycling USBR35 allows both amateurs and avid cyclists to enjoy their time on a bike. Ride through iconic farm fields, charming downtowns, and urban bike paths.

You can even enjoy riding over hills. With various rides from 10 to 100 miles, you can take in the interesting Midwestern landscape. This is an affordable and fun activity for those who are seeking adventure.

Canoe Down the White River

Take an hour and a half drive south and you can find the White River. You can rent a canoe, but also find kayaks, life vests, and drop-off and pick-up services.

Take a wonderful and relaxed day along the river. Enjoy yourself with family or friends, and you are sure to have a wonderful time.

Enjoy the Masterpiece of Strawtown Koteewi Park

This is a masterpiece 750-acre park. If you want to enjoy a canoe launch on the White River, you can go boating and fishing.

Then head to nature trails for hiking or cycling, you can even ride your horse, or enjoy the wetlands and prairies.


The show Supernatural took place in the town of Cicero, Indiana. The plot of the episode entitled "The Kids Are All Right" had a few scenes from the town,

but the locals did not believe that it accurately depicted the town. Despite this, you can still find a few of the scenes from the local areas.

The Little Down With a Lot Nearby

Although Cicero may not have much going on itself, there is plenty to do outdoors and nearby.

This is a wonderful little town that can allow you to be straight to Indianapolis when you want to take a drive, or enjoy the quiet pleasures of a small town.

Get Cash For Cars in Cicero!

Do you ever stop to think how much time you have wasted trying to sell your car? Those countless hours, awkward meetups, and unneccesary confrontations are all time that you'll never get back. Selling your car privately always seems like a good idea until you find yourself in a difficult titling situation with a less-than-savory buyer. gets rid of all your worries and concerns of selling your car by making the experience as smooth and painless as possible. Cash For Cars Cicero has been buying cars from the public, all over the United States, for over 35 years! Selling your car in Hamilton County has never been easier! All it takes is a call to (463) 223-1579, and 5-10 minutes of your time!

In 24 hours of less, your could turn your car into cash. It doesn't matter what condition, what make, model, or year; Cash For Cars Cicero will take it all! Humiditiy can be rough on an old vehicle, so don't wait until your car is a rust heap!

The sooner you can get that vehicle out of your yard, garage, or driveway; the easier it will be to sell and make more cash in the long run. Cash For Cars Cicero will pickup your vehicle no matter where you are in Hamilton County. Give us a call at (463) 223-1579, and get cash for your car in 24 hours or less!


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