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A Little About Honolulu, Hawaii!

Honolulu is hands-down the most beautiful capital city in the United States. Honolulu is also the largest city within Hawaii, positioned in the Pacific Ocean. This popular tourist destination is located along the southern coast of the O'ahu island.

In fact, Honolulu is the southernmost and westernmost major American city. In short, it is best to think of this tropical destination as the primary gateway between Hawaii and the rest of the globe.

Geography of Honolulu

Honolulu is widely revered as one of the best places to live, work and visit. Locals rave about Ala Moana, home to the Ala Moana Center, also known as the largest open air shopping space in the world.

Here, you will find 300+ stores. Ala Moana is also home to the Honolulu Design Center. This scenic site also features the city's second largest park in Ala Moana Beach Park.

Regardless of what part of Honolulu you spend time in, you will find the weather is nearly perfect in the morning, afternoon and evening. Honolulu can get a bit windy yet its temperatures are almost always in the sweet stop of 50 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is the potential for rain though most of Honolulu's rain arrives in the winter months. This is precisely why most Honolulu residents and visitors spend the bulk of their time outdoors, living it up in the sunshine.

History of Honolulu

Honolulu's history stems back to the original Polynesians who inhabited the area. The story of the Polynesians who settled in Honolulu has been passed down through artifacts along with verbal histories.

If historians are correct, Honolulu was settled in the 11th century. However, there is some debate as to when, exactly, the area's first settlers officially arrived. The first foreign explorer to visit Honolulu was Great Britain's William Brown.

A litany of additional ships followed behind Brown, setting the stage for the port of Honolulu to serve as a hotbed for water-based economic activity between Asia and North America. Fast forward to 1845 and Kamehameha III shifted the permanent capital of Hawaii to Honolulu, transforming it into a bustling capital city with tall buildings including the likes of the 'Iolani Palace and St. Andrew's Cathedral.

Honolulu is still a hotbed for economic activity with a vibrant downtown area featuring all sorts of diverse businesses. Though the Hawaiian monarchy was overthrown in the late 19th century, Honolulu and the rest of the area were annexed by the United states soon thereafter. Today, Honolulu is frequently visited by busines professionals and tourists alike.

Nearly 8 million individuals visit Honolulu and surrounding islands every single year. Drive through Honolulu for yourself and you will agree this is a modern city with glorious high-rise structures, lavish hotels and gorgeous natural terrain.

All in all, Honolulu covers slightly more than 68 square miles, about 12% of which is covered by water. This remote city's closest mainland location in the United States is Point Arena Lighthouse in the northern part of California.

Culture of Honolulu

Though most people associate Honolulu with fun in the sun, the truth is the city is a top hub for businesses and organizations spanning industries ranging from hospitality to finance, military defense and business. This is an ethnically diverse city with fantastic food, unique traditions and endless opportunities for fun in the sun. 

Honolulu's translation is "sheltered harbor" though others “calm port” is a more accurate translation. The city's prior name of Kou, is now used to refer to the area that stretches from Hotel Street to Queen Street and Alakea Street to Nu'uanu Avenue within the center of the city's central business district.

Honolulu is held in high regard for a multitude of reasons. For one, this is an important port city within the Hawaiian archipelago and the overarching Pacific region. In fact, Honolulu has been the Hawaiian Island capital dating way back to 1845.

Though most people associate the city's history with the infamous Japanese attack on nearby Peral Harbor, Honolulu should be thought of as a world-class city with all sorts of opportunities for fun, employment and tourism.

In total, Honolulu's census county division has a population hovering around 400,000. All in all, Honolulu’s population consists of about one-third of Hawaii's total of 1.4 million residents.

Honolulu is beloved by locals and visitors alike for its stunning natural scenery, comfortable tropical climate and spacious beaches. This city has been and likely always will be one of the most popular global destinations for tourists from around the world.

The city receives the vast majority of Hawaii’s visitors, welcoming around 30,000 tourists per day. Honolulu’s isolation from other states that comprise the United States has certainly elevated its cost of living yet it scores comparably well in terms of world livability rankings.

Locals rave about Honolulu's safe streets, efficient healthcare, rich cultural traditions and educational opportunities. This is precisely why Honolulu regularly ranked in the top tier of all American cities in terms of the liveability index.

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