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A Little About Savannah, Georgia!

As the oldest city in the state of Georgia, Savannah is a city with a deep history. With beautiful parks, to antebellum architecture loaded with history, Savannah is one of the most frequented cities by tourists in the South.

“Founded” in 1733 by General James Edward Oglethorpe, Savannah was organized into grids. It was named “America’s First Planned City,” but its nickname is known as the “Hostess City of the South,” due to its well-known hospitality.

Home to one of the largest National Historic Landmark Districts in the country, Savannah offers a 30-acre park right in the center of the city.

With 100 distinct neighborhoods, Savannah is an extremely large city. With a long history of slavery in the South, Savannah was not exempt from playing a part.

The cotton and lumber industries thrived for years, and following Emancipation, the Beach Institute was established as a school for newly freed enslaved persons.

This occurred in 1867 but it now serves as an African-American Cultural Center featuring artwork and other visual exhibits.

Take Your Booze to Go

Similar to the likes of New Orleans and Vegas, in Savannah, you can take your alcoholic drink in a to-go cup.

As long as you stay within the confines of the historic district boundaries, you can bring that beer or cocktail with you while you walk along and enjoy this district.

Savannah was a “Present” to Lincoln

During the civil war, Union General Sherman burned Atlanta to the ground.

When he arrived at Savannah, he decided to avoid bringing it, and instead decided to “gift” it to President Lincoln as a Christmas present.

Visit the Country’s First Black Baptist Church

This cherished landmark is known for its role as a safe house for enslaved persons and African Americans throughout history.

The First African Baptist Church served as a stop on the Underground Railroad, and you can even see the holes in the floorboards where people had to hide.

This is an important piece of history, and also the oldest black church in North America. It has been located on Montgomery Street since 1777.

Visit a Haunted Brewery

Savannah is also known as America’s most haunted city. Despite this, it is also home to one of the best beer hangouts.

The Moon River Brewing Company was the City Hotel previously and known as the most haunted spot in Savannah by the Examiner.

View the Stunning Homes in the Historic District

Savannah’s Historic District offers the opportunity to showcase incredible historic homes. Waterways, a popular waterfront community offers the opportunity to see elegant Southern homes.

With gated entrances, biking, and pedestrian paths, as well as nicely manicured community gardens, this is a great place to come take a look at history.

Proximity to the Beach

Whether you are moving or visiting Savannah, you can easily take a quick trip to the beach. Typee Island is a well-known beach that is only a 20-minute drive from Savannah’s Historic District.

With island beach shops, lots of restaurants, nightlife, and three miles of beaches, this is a destination for practically anyone.

Most of Savannah’s Trees are Covered in “Spanish Moss”

Most people see the oak trees in Savannah and think they are covered in moss, Although this is called Spanish moss, it is actually not moss.

Instead, it is an epiphyte, which is similar to a pineapple. This plant absorbs both water and nutrients from the air. It is definitely nice to look at!

Try Incredible Southern Cuisine

Have you ever had an old-fashioned Southern meal? Take a food tour. Jump in the car and start your day off with freshly baked biscuits and gravy.

Then, you can grab a sweet tea cocktail with a hearty dinner, and end with a warm peach cobbler. You may walk away with a few extra pounds!

Impressive Art Scene

Although not known necessarily by the masses, Savannah is home to one of the top art colleges in the country. The Savannah College of Art and Design offers the opportunity for art students to learn their craft.

With artwork all over the city, you can enjoy seeing rising talents and well-known artists alike.

Enjoy Incredible Music

Whether you enjoy jazz, bluegrass, hip hop, or punk, Savannah is a haven for talent.

Whether you are walking in the streets, or inside a live music venue, you may find a new favorite artist.

Well-Rounded City With so Much to Offer

Savvanah has a rough history but is now home to an incredible culture. It is life, it is bustling, and offers the opportunity to learn.

Jump in the car and head to the beach, or drive around to one of the many art shows. Overall, Savannah is a great place to vacation for your first time in the South, or to visit over and over again.

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