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Name: Cash For Cars - Denver
Address: 1281 County Road 27, Suite B, Brighton, CO 80603
Phone Number: (303) 900-0529
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A Little About Denver, Colorado!

The most populated city of the Mountain states, Denver, also known as The Mile High City, is more densely populated than Washington and Boston, with an estimated populous of over 750,000 people.

Over 300,000 of those are families. The nickname of “Mile High City” represents the geography of Denver, as it sits one mile above sea levels.

Denver, CO is famed for many things, but one of its biggest draws is the special city park system of over 200 parks that cover 14,000 combined acres.

Enough of Denver is situated alongside the Rocky Mountains that most of their parks offer panoramic views of Colorado from the top of beautiful hiking trails.

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre, for instance, is a music and movies stage and screen in the small town of Morrison.

The amphitheater seats 9,000 people and has an annual schedule of events that they keep updated across social media accounts.

Other Cool Things to Do in Denver, CO

Love classic cars? Take a tour at the Forney Museum of Transportation. The museum started with one car, a 1921 Kissel, then it grew to over 600 classic automobiles and modes of transportation, all with historic relevance.

One of the highlights includes an Indian Motorcycle Collection from 1913 to 1953, as well as the 1923 Kissel Gold Bug that was owned by Amelia Earhart. Love animals?

The Denver Zoo sprawls across 84 acres of themed, natural exhibits, with over 4,100 animals to see and learn about.

This zoo is all about education, so you can expect live events and shows that highlight different animals and information about their natural habitats.

Some of the most popular animals at the Denver Zoo include alligator snapping turtles, bald eagles, African lions, Siberian tigers, and Asian elephants.

This is one of the only zoos in the United States to have both a River Hippopotamus and a Black Rhinoceros. It was named one of the best and most ethical zoos in the United States by The Gazette in April of 2021.

Denver, CO was once part of The Old West, or what we know as The Wild West. Historians venture that Denver was like the setting of an old western frontier movie, complete with saloons, covered wagons, and horses with no names.

In the mood to explore a little history? Check out The Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave. The grave itself is a hike up Lookout Mountain, while the museum houses artifacts, like authentic paintings of Buffalo Bill, from the old western world.

The Best Places to Eat in Denver, CO

The oldest steakhouse in Denver, the Buckhorn Exchange Restaurant has been around since 1893. It doubles as a historic Western Museum.

Their menu is loaded with favorites and oddities alike, as they strive to serve up some of what customers have never tasted before.

Rocky Mountain Oysters (bull testicles), for instance, are a specialty, while you can also try alligator tail and rattlesnake.

Or you can stick to good old-fashioned classics, like Gramma Fanny’s pot roast, lambchops with a side of red currant sauce, or BBQ baby back ribs.

Looking for all-day breakfast options? Snooze serves up homemade breakfast favorites, like blueberry Belgian pancakes, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and French toast with seasonal berries and pure maple syrup.

If you want to taste originality, try the Sandwich I am. It’s a house-made soft pretzel with scrambled eggs, sausage patties, cheddar cheese, and a homemade smoked cheddar hollandaise sauce over hash browns.

In the mood for dessert? Take a stroll to Little Man Ice Cream. This little local-owned ice cream shoppe serves homemade ice cream in a variety of both classic and fun flavors.

Some local flavor favorites include Mexican hot chocolate with cinnamon, salted chocolate delight, and vegan bananas foster. They even offer cold treats for dogs too!

More Cool Facts About Denver, CO

• Did you know alcohol becomes more potent at higher elevations? Because the air is thinner at high altitudes, it’s easier to get buzzed (or drunk) in Denver, CO. The potency of alcohol doubles at one mile (5280 feet) above sea levels.

• Denver has its own dedicated herd of buffalo. The animals are well-maintained and allowed to roam on the Buffalo Herd Nature Preserve. The current buffalo herd is the direct descendants of the last wild herd of bison that roamed Yellowstone National Park in late 1914.

• Another fun fact (unrelated to Denver, kinda, but still cool)? Buffalo in North America is actually Bison. Whereas “real” buffalo are found in places like Asia and Africa.

• Because of its altitude, Denver, CO has some of the bluest skies in the United States. There’s less water vapor at higher elevations, which means the skies are clearer and less polluted. One of the reasons many people camp in the Rocky Mountains is to get unobstructed views of the stars at night.

There’s no shortage of fun, adventure, and good eats in Denver, CO. Sure, there are mainstream attractions to experience, but one of the best things to do in Denver is exploring.

Find those hidden gems that fill up your weekends and make you want to come back for more.

Get Cash For Cars in Brighton!

Brighton, Colorado is a beautiful city nestled in a valley between the scenic mountain ranges sprawled throughout the state!

Brighton is a fantastic place to live for those who love nature and the wild frontier. 

That's why Cash For Cars Brighton makes it easy to sell your car as green and environmentally friendly as possible! Selling your car in Northern Colorado can be difficult.

There can be many winding roads, long distances between cities, and occasional environmental hazards, such as landslides or black ice.

That's why comes to you to keep you safe. We provide free towing for all of our customers, no matter how far you live from our nearest location!

All it takes is a 5-to-10 minute phone call to get your guaranteed offer and set up the time and place for your vehicle pickup.

Why Choose Cash For Cars Brighton? has over 35 years of car buying experience, and we buy every vehicle under the sun! If it has an engine, we'll make an offer!

Cars, trucks, SUV, commercial vehicles, boats, dirt bikes, ATVs; just give us a call and you'll get a guaranteed offer. Forget about waiting around to hear back from flaky buyers, and

spending hours and your hard-earned money-making ads. Cash For Cars Brighton comes to you, pays you, all in 24 hours or less!

Give us a call Brighton, and see how much cash you could get for your vehicle!

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