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Want to know a quick and easy way to sell your junk car in Anchorage, Alaska? At we purchase all ranges of vehicles from trucks, sedans, SUVs, boats, and RVs.

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Name: Cash For Cars - Anchorage
Address: 401 W Chipperfield Dr Suite B, Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone Number: (907) 341-3746
Monday: 7AM-7PM
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History of Anchorage

Alaska was first owned by Russia until it was purchased by the United States in 1867. The town of Anchorage was chosen as the spot to begin building a railroad in 1914. The city was incorporated in 1920. The Alaska Railroad, which was the reason why Anchorage was settled in the first place, was finished being built in 1923 and by the 1930s, Anchorage had begun growing significantly due to the use of air transportation and the focus on the military.

Many military forts, bases, and testing fields were built in Anchorage throughout the 1930s to the 1950s. Anchorage also became a very important stop for

international travelers and airplanes that had to make the long western voyage across the Pacific Ocean. In 1964, Anchorage was hit by the Good Friday earthquake, the second most powerful earthquake in recorded history with a magnitude of 9.2. This shook Anchorage and Alaska to the core, killing many people and destroying countless structures. Only four years after this disaster, oil was discovered causing a huge population boom. To this day, hopeful prospectors and roughnecks go to Alaska to strike it rich, whether it be gold, oil, or fishing.

Anchorage Today

Today, Anchorage is about as close as one can get to the “wild frontier.” Alaska, while densely populated in some areas, is still an untamed, natural landscape in the majority of the state. While Anchorage may look like any other city in the US in its downtown area, one look towards the horizon and you will see whitecapped mountains that seem straight out of scenic paintings. Not to mention the stray moose that may be wandering on the outskirts of town.

Anchorage has a diverse population, a significant amount of them being Native American peoples. There are many cultural museums dedicated to the native tribes of the area that celebrate and remember their culture.

Anchorage is a great place for those who love to hike, as it is only a short drive before you deep within the Alaskan wild. The food in Anchorage is similar to most other places in the United States other than the unique game meat that is all too common in Alaska. Caribou and moose are all giant deer that make up a large part of Alaskans’ diets. If you love the feeling of being on the brink of the modern world and the natural world, there is no better place in the United States to go than Anchorage!

Get Cash For Cars in Anchorage

The key to selling a car is to work smarter, not harder. Anchorage is here to help! Give us a call and we’ll give you your instant offer!

Selling a car on your own is tough. You can lose more money every day that your old car goes unsold. With Cash For Cars Anchorage, you could get your junk car removed in as little as 24 hours.

You’re only one phone call away from getting this process started! Give us a ring or simply fill out the form on this page. It’s seriously that easy!

One of our car buyers will ask you a few questions about your car and then you’ll get your guaranteed offer. We make sure to stay updated on automotive trends so we can give you a fair price for your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat, or SUV every time.

After you accept our offer, we’ll schedule a day and time to pick up your car, for FREE! We might even be able to pick it up in as little as 24 hours. The best part? The driver will give you a check for your guaranteed offer right then and there. And that’s it! We take care of the towing and paperwork so you can cash that check even faster.

We’ve been in the auto industry for nearly 35 years and are committed to serving our customers and getting old, junk cars off the road. We’re an environmentally friendly way to recycle your car – and you get paid to do it!

What are you waiting for, Anchorage? Give us a call for your free quote to get cash for your car. Junked, used, running or not, we buy them all! Don’t live within Anchorage city limits? We service the entire area! From Hope to Sunrise, to Knik-Fairview and many more, we’ll give you cash for your car today!



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