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1. POST A Picture

Post a picture of your vehicle on Instagram or Twitter and, optionally, share your story, tell us about your car and what it means to you or how this money could help you out.

2.Use the HashTag

Tag your post with the hashtag #cashforcarpayments and, optionally, @mention (on Instagram) or cashforcars_us (on Twitter)

That's It

The post will be entered into the random drawing. Optionally, to enter using Facebook, use the form below to select an image with the hashtag: #cashforcarpayments

Example Submissions:

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*These examples are not actual entries for this sweepstakes.  They are samples generated to demonstrate the broad range of potential entries and images are licensed under the Creative Commons License with attribution listed as the fictitious Instagram “user”

With almost 200 locations, across the United States, has become a part of various communities which are now feeling the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic. People all over the country are losing their jobs and main sources of income, whether it is due to sickness, furloughs, or lockdowns.

We are invested in the communities that we serve and want to give back. Though we can’t fix all of the problems that COVID-19 has caused, and we can’t help every person affected, we have created this CashForCarPayments sweepstakes to provide relief for at least some individuals in the form of cash assistance for their car loan.

We’ve also curated a list of other relief efforts, whether sweepstakes, government grants, or charities. That post can be found here.