How to Pack Your Car for a Road Trip

Packing a car for a road trip

As we enter the month of December, ‘tis the season for road trips to visit family and friends all over the country. While we’ve already shared tips in our blog posts about how to handle holiday traffic, and we’ve given you our best winter driving tips, today we’re going to cover how to pack your car for a road trip.


Pack Light


This is the most important tip on the list by far. If you bring everything but the kitchen sink with you, not only do you have to spend time packing and unpacking everything, but it will weigh your car down. The heavier your car is, the more gas it takes to run, and the more you pack, the more often you’ll need to stop for gas. Don’t make your trip inefficient for your time and your pocketbook. Be sure to pack light.



Pack With Purpose


If you’re going on a long trip, be sure to pack the necessities first – and this includes your emergency supply kit! Using spaces like the glove box or under the seats for these items is helpful because it utilizes space that otherwise might have gone unused. While it might be tempting to pack the important stuff last for easier access, this ensures that you don’t forget anything you can’t live without, and helps you prioritize what you need on your trip.


Balance The Car


Don’t pack all the heavy items on one side of the car! This will also make your car less fuel efficient (meaning more expensive stops at the gas station) and can be dangerous. At this time of year when storms are common across the country, making sure your car is balanced can help you stay on the road if you hit an area with high winds.


Think Outside the Luggage Box


Traditional luggage may have a sleeker look, but with all the hard edges and corners, it can be difficult to pack. Duffel bags give you the flexibility to make sure everything fits in your trunk, and are lighter. This helps to keep your vehicle from being weighed down by weight that you didn’t need in the first place!


Other Tips:



Be prepared for spills and messes


Life on the road can be messy. If you or your passengers are eating or drinking, spills are bound to happen. No one wants to get stuck away miles from the nearest rest stop without a way to clean themselves up. Follow this tip from USA Today and always keep wet wipes and napkins handy while on the road.


Check out this great packing guide


This packing guide from Stuffed Suitcase is a great reference for where you should put everything your family needs on a long road trip for maximum organization.

How do you pack your car for a road trip? We’d love to hear them on our Facebook page!

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