How To Spring Clean Your Car: Exterior Edition

How to spring clean your car

Last week we talked about how to bring some spring cleaning magic to the inside of your car. Today, we’re going to tackle the outside of your vehicle.

The winter months take a harsh toll on your car. With all the mud that comes from inclement weather and salt on the roads, your car needs a serious bath when the weather warms up. Here are some tips to get you started:


Tip 1: Swap Out Your Winter Gear


If you live in a climate that mandates you have snow tires, it’s time to switch them out for warmer weather ones! Snow tires aren’t designed to perform as well in the summer months, and leaving them on too long could cause unnecessary wear and tear on them. While you’re at it, it might be time to change out your windshield wipers, too. Worn out wipers will leave you in a world of hurt if you get stuck driving in a summer shower.



Tip 2: De-Bug Your Grille


While spring is great because the weather is finally warming up and the flowers are blooming, it also means that all the bugs and insects will be back out in full force. If you can’t stand having a grille covered in squashed insects, there’s an easy way to remove them, and you probably already have this utensil in your laundry room. Take a dryer sheet and wipe down your grille, and you’re done!


Tip 3: Clean From Top to Bottom


When washing your car, it’s important to wash it starting from the roof and working your way down. If you start washing at the bottom of the car, you’ll only bring the grime and dirt with you as you clean other sections. Moving in a downward motion will save you time and energy in getting your car squeaky clean.


Tip 4: Don’t Forget About the Undercarriage


This part of your car comes into the most contact with the salt that many cities set out on icy roads. While it’s great for helping prevent accidents, it can wreak all kinds of havoc on your steering and suspension. Make sure to give this section extra attention during a wash, and not stopping until the water runs completely clear.


Tip 5: Let There Be Clean Headlights


After several months of harsh weather, your headlights and taillights can fog up easily. Headlights are an extremely important safety feature on your vehicle, so keeping them crystal clear is essential. One easy way to clean them is to use toothpaste. All you need is regular toothpaste, some old towels, and water. Simply apply the toothpaste, and scrub it off with the water. Your headlights will thank you!

With these tips, your car will be ready for spring in no time. Do you have any other routines to get ready for warmer weather? Let us know on Facebook!

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