Best Summer Road Trips

Reading a map of the best summer road trips
With the weather warming up, and spring and summer break right around the corner, many people are itching for a road trip. We’ve compiled some of the best summer road trip routes by region to help you choose your own adventure. Check them out below.

The Southwest: Route 66

The quintessential American road trip. Whether you start at the beginning in Chicago or jump on somewhere else along the way, you’ll get to experience the same Americana nostalgia. Savor the mom and pop diners along the way, as well as the neon signs that have been lighting the way for roadtrippers for decades. You also have to stop at the Route 66 Museum in Clinton, Oklahoma!

The Southeast: Overseas Highway – Miami to Key West

If your ideal road trip also includes snorkeling and kayaking, this is the perfect route for you. This highway stretches 127.5 miles from Miami to Key West. Make sure to plan plenty of time for sightseeing and water activities, and of course eating as much Key Lime pie as you can manage! This stretch of highway is also unique for stretching for miles over nothing but the Atlantic ocean. Perfect for some breathtaking photos!

The Midwest: Great Lakes Circle

For those of you who have seeing the Great Lakes on your bucket list, this is the road trip for you! Experts say that this loop will take you about five days to complete, but the beauty of a road trip is to take your time in seeing the sights! Check out light houses in Minnesota, and don’t forget your passport! Some portions of the trek run through Ontario, Canada.

Rocky Mountain: Extraterrestrial Highway

This is the ultimate road trip for anyone interested in life beyond this little planet we all call home. The 98-mile stretch is officially known as Nevada State Route 375 and is an out-of-this-world experience. Be sure to check out all the themed road side attractions, and even drive alongside Area 51. But – be careful not to get too close to the gates. The guards aren’t known for their patience.

The Pacific: Pacific Coast Highway

If you’re wanting to drive along the coast of the Golden state, you’re in luck with the Pacific Coast Highway. Travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles, or even further south to San Diego and take in the breath-taking views of the Pacific Ocean along the way. California is a long state, so a stop along the central coast is a must. Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea are great spots to stretch your legs and take a breather.

The Northeast: Coastal Maine

Beaches with breath-taking views, lighthouses, and everything from traditional lobster rolls to trendy new restaurants. These are all the things waiting for you on your Coastal Maine road trip! Before really starting to plan, know that this is a trip best saved for late spring and summer. Many locations along the route close for the fall and winter, and inclement weather could make your road trip more a nightmare than a dream vacation.

Non-contiguous: Alcan Alaskan Highway

For those with a sense of adventure who want a vacation that’s mainly far away from civilization, the Alcan Highway is perfect. This is another route that also has portions in Canada, so be sure to bring your passport! Be prepared to see all the flora and fauna of the region, but little else will be available. All the kitsch of American road trips hasn’t quite made it to the Yukon yet. This road trip is not for the faint of heart, so be sure to do your homework before you head out. Do you have a favorite road trip we didn’t mention? We’d love to hear all about it on our Facebook page!

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