How to Secure Your Car for Hurricanes

secure car for hurricane storms
As you’ve probably heard, Hurricane Harvey is headed right for the Texas coast, Louisiana, and Florida. You’ve also probably heard a lot of advice about stocking up on groceries, clean water, and medications, and about how to prepare your home for when the storm hits. But, how do you keep your car safe during a hurricane? We’ve got your go-to guide to secure a car from severe storm damage and Hurricane Harvey right here.

Fill Up First

Before the storm hits, make sure to fill your car’s gas tank to max capacity. If you need to evacuate on short notice, you and your family will be prepared. It’s also smart to keep an emergency preparedness kit in your car, with water, blankets, food, medication, and first aid supplies.

Park Smart

If your area is prone to floods during inclement weather, move your car to higher ground. The easiest way to do that? Find a parking garage and park a few stories off the ground. This will protect your car from flood damage. If you can’t find a garage to park in, make sure to stay away from trees or telephone poles to secure a car from severe storm damage. Strong winds could cause these to fall and damage your vehicle.

Take Your Valuables

You should have copies of your car’s registration and your insurance information stored somewhere away from the car. You don’t want to be stuck without this information if you get separated from your car.

Secure Your Car’s Windows

With debris being blown around by the storm, your car’s windows could easily be broken. Use masking tape to make an “X” shaped pattern on the inside of the window. While it’s not clear if this actually keeps the glass from breaking, it will be easier to clean up if the pieces are all connected via the tape.

Make Sure You’re Covered

Give your insurance agent a call and make sure that your car would be covered if it were to suffer hurricane damage. It will be much more cost effective to add the coverage to your plan ahead of time instead of being surprised later when the damage isn’t listed under your policy. We hope our guide to secure a car from severe storm damage has been helpful and that all our readers stay safe during the storm season. Make sure to have enough food and water for everyone in your family, including your pets. Pay attention to the path of the storm and listen to local authorities about evacuation notices and flash flooding in your area. While we know how important cars can be, your life is much more important! Drive safely!

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