Best Jobs for Car Lovers

Ford Mustang grill part of the best jobs for car lovers

You’ve probably heard before that if you follow your passions you’ll never work a day in your life. For people who are passionate about anything with wheels, the standard jobs are things like salesperson, mechanic, or professional driver. But you might be wondering, what are some of the best jobs for car lovers?

We found some of the best jobs for car lovers around! Get ready to polish up your resume after reading about these:



Automotive Journalist


If you enjoy writing and want to have behind the scenes access to everything from car shows to new makes and models, becoming an automotive journalist is right up your alley! These people get to spend their days writing about what they love, and get paid to do it! It’s every literary gearhead’s dream come true!


Classic Car Restorer/Historian


For those car enthusiasts who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, classic car restoration is perfect for you. The College of Charleston even has a historic preservation program that has a whole automotive component. If you’re passionate about keeping classic cars in pristine condition and learning the history behind them, we highly recommend going after a career in this field.


Car Designer


Car lovers who are equal parts artistic and mechanical will be perfect fits for the car designer role. These are the people who sketch out new car ideas. While you won’t get to start out calling all the shots on new models, with some hard work and determination you could design the next supercar someday!


Stunt Car Driver


If your favorite part of any movie are the action-packed car chase scenes (and you enjoy re-enacting some of those scenes yourself) stunt car driving is calling your name. These professionals need to do whatever the director of the movie, TV show, or commercial wants them to do. You’ll definitely need to know how to handle a car in all conditions, but the adrenaline rush will be worth it!


Professional Test Driver


A dream job for many would be getting to drive and give feedback on cars that haven’t been released yet. This job is a lot like getting to be a member of a focus group, except you get to drive the camouflaged cars that you sometimes see on the road and tell the auto makers what you really think. This is perfect for the opinionated car lover!


Auto Blogger


This dream job is probably the most easily attainable. If you’ve got a computer and a passion for cars, you’re already 90% of the way there! This role is similar to an automotive journalist, but you’ll be your own boss. It might take some patience and clever Search Engine Optimization tactics to gain followers and make money from your blog, but at least you’ll enjoy the journey of writing about something that you love!

Do you have a car lover’s dream job? Or is there a career path you’re dying to follow? Tell us about it on Facebook!

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