How to Be a 5-Star Uber or Lyft Passenger

Woman in car being a 5-star passenger

If you’re one of the thousands of people who use Uber or Lyft, you probably know that having a good rating is as important for drivers as it is for passengers. In some cases, if your score dips low enough, you could be suspended or banned from using the app entirely.

Luckily, there’s a few ways to keep your score as high as possible. Check them out below:


Be Prepared


Don’t hail a ride before you’re ready. The number one way to get a low score from a driver is to keep them waiting. While they’re waiting for you to get into the car, they aren’t making any money. Understandably, they won’t be too thrilled with you for that.



Have the Correct Pick Up and Drop Off Locations


Unfortunately, dropping a pin on the map within the app isn’t always the right way to go. It’s usually best to manually enter in your address of where you need to be picked up. It’s also easier for the driver if you enter your destination into the app. This allows them to get directions from the in-app GPS instead of relying on you to tell them when to turn. This also lets you sit back and relax instead of stressing about giving accurate directions.


Use Your Manners


Like we all learned when we were kids, please and thank you go a long way! Don’t treat your driver as if they’re your servant. They’re a regular person, just like you. Be nice and courteous when you get in the car and when you get out. It’ll go a long way in helping you get a higher rate if you’re being friendly!


Tip Your Driver


While Lyft lets passengers tip their driver right through the app, Uber doesn’t. Giving your driver a cash tip is always appreciated. Some drivers live by the motto, “$5 for 5”, meaning that a $5 tip will get you a 5 star rating.


Don’t Snack


Eating in your driver’s car is rude for so many reasons. No matter how careful you are, you’re still likely to leave a mess. Plus, your food could make the car stink, and then future passengers will be disturbed. Wait until you reach your destination to eat something, your score will thank you!


Take Your Trash With You


Don’t leave your trash in the backseat for your driver to find. They don’t want to have to stop accepting rides because they have to clean up after you. If you leave too much of a mess, including muddy foot prints, you could be charged a cleaning fee to your account as well as getting a low score.

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