How to Get Your Car Title in Illinois

Getting your replacement car title in Illinois isn't an easy process. That's why we made this guide to help you in the process of getting a new title to your vehicle!

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How to Get Your Title in Illinois

Is your Illinois vehicle title lost, stolen, damaged, or maybe you never had it in the first place? We have all the info you need right here in order to get that taken care of! Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have your title in no time.

The state of Illinois uses an Electronic Registration and Title System (ERT) which makes it super quick and easy to get your title.

First, complete your application online. When you’re finished, you have 7 days to either take it to your local Secretary of State facility, or mail it to the address below:

Secretary of State
Vehicle Services Department
501 S. 2nd. St., Room 014
Springfield, IL 62756

Always be sure that the information you provided on your application is correct, and matches any other documentation for the vehicle. Check out these Vehicle Title and Registration Tips for properly completing your application if you have any questions.

Make sure that all taxes on the vehicle have been paid. Even if you bought the vehicle from an individual, taxes still need to be paid on it.

Include a check or money order for $95 for an original, replacement, or corrected title. Know that other fees may apply to your vehicle.

Vehicles that are exempt from needing a title in the state of Illinois are ones that are owned by the state of Illinois or the federal government, vehicles owned by dealers that are for sale, owned by a non-resident of Illinois, those moved exclusively through animal power, or are classified as special mobile equipment.

Note: this information is subject to change and is for informational purposes only. Be sure to check with your local DMV to make sure that all processes are the same, or you can visit the Illinois DMV page.

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