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A Little About Exeter, Rhode Island!

Exeter, Rhode Island has a lengthy and interesting history that began in the 1660s when Native Americans lived on the land and cultivated it for crops. In the 1700s, settlers from England claimed Exeter for their own and used the town for agriculture and textile mills, thus creating a population boom.

However, the history of Exeter is spookier than discovery and cultivations. In the late 1800s, Tuberculosis swept through Rhode Island, killing thousands of people. The sickness was unknown, and people didn’t understand where it was coming from, so they began studying their recently deceased for signs of what killed them.

One such exhumation was Mercy Brown, a 20-year-old farm girl that lost her life to Tuberculosis shortly after her mother and sister passed away. 

Mercy, her sister, and her mother were exhumed from a little graveyard next to Exeter’s Chestnut Hill Baptist Church, but the townsfolk were taken aback by how pristine Mercy’s body looked in comparison to her mother and sister.

The townsfolk claimed that there was still blood in her heart and there was reason to believe that Mercy had been moving in her grave. The townsfolk cried, vampires. Mercy was said to wander Exeter at night, drinking peoples’ blood, and making them fatally ill.

Her body was burned, and her ashes were mixed into a tonic and given to her brother in hopes that he would go stronger and overcome the effects of Tuberculosis. He died anyway.

He was buried with his mother and sister at the Chestnut Hill Cemetery, where to this day there are still reports of spooky goings-on and paranormal sightings.

Exeter is considered a small town by Rhode Island standards. As of 2021, the population of Exeter is slightly under 7,000 people across 2,400 households. The city is surrounded by more popular Rhode Island towns, like Newport, Kingston, and East Greenwich.

The Weather in Exeter, Rhode Island

Rhode Island sits in the northern United States, which means the winters are long and can be harsher than the national average. Annually, Exeter clocks in at 33 inches of snowfall with winter highs of 36- to 51-degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime and 19- to 33-degrees Fahrenheit in the evenings.

As for summer temperatures, Exeter is graced with daytime highs of 65- to 80-degrees Fahrenheit and nighttime lows of 46- to 61-degrees Fahrenheit. There are roundabout of 203 clear, sunny days in a year for Exeter, while rainfall makes up 52 inches annually.

The Best Nature-Focused Things to Do and See in Exeter, RI

Most of the things to do in Exeter, Rhode Island are focused on history and nature since both have been dominant elements in the shaping of the current town.

The following outdoor activities offer family-friendly fun for locals and visitors alike.

Pachaug State Forest Park

The Pachaug State Forest sprawls from Connecticut to spill over the borders of Rhode Island. The 27,000 acres of land are crisscrossed with hiking trails and nature paths, but this park is a small section in comparison to how large the forest system actually is.

The Pachaug River runs through the forest’s center, offering swimming and fishing access. There are also multiple picnic areas spread throughout the forest.

Wicked Tulips Flower Farm

The annual tulip festival in Exeter celebrates these beautiful flowers, but this farm is a year-round tribute. You can stroll through row upon row of blossoming tulips, all of different kind and color.

The farm has a U-Pick event where visitors can pick their own bouquets of tulips to take home for a small fee that goes towards a new crop of tulips the following year.

The Best Places to Eat in Exeter, RI

Exeter, Rhode Island offers classics in American cuisine, as well as a few cultural combos, like Italian and Thai.

From cheap eats to grab-and-go grub, to sit-down restaurants, a few of Exeter’s best restaurant options include:

The Middle of Nowhere Diner

This classic American diner serves up delicious food in a cozy, comfy eatery atmosphere.

The portions are large, and a few of the menu favorites include chocolate chip Belgian waffles, home fries with crispy bacon and corned beef hash over eggs, and the Middle of Nowhere cheeseburger with mushrooms, onions, peppers, and swiss cheese.

Effie Flippou’s Twisted Pizza

This small pizzeria dishes out classic pies with a side of twisted flair. The twisted pizza fries, for instance, are classic fries with toppings of marinara and cheese.

Other local favorites include the chicken bacon ranch pizza, cheeseburger pizza, and volcanic Hawaiian pizza.

Allie’s Donuts

To satisfy your sweet tooth, this bakery doles out fresh, homemade donuts on a daily basis. A few of their most popular donut flavors include chocolate coconut, powdered sugar, maple frosted, and honey dip.

Exeter, Rhode Island has an intriguing and creepy backstory, peppered with fascination for folklore enthusiasts. Have a weekend to spare? Drop in to experience and explore this small town for yourself.

Get Cash for Your Car in Exeter!

Cash For Cars Exeter is excited to serve such an interesting and inspiring town. The town has inspired the likes of H.P. Lovecraft due to its extraordinary history. Exeter is a small town in a small state but with a weird history. It was first founded in 1742 as part of North Kingstown. One of the most notable historical events tied to the city is the Mercy Brown Vampire Incident.

An outbreak of tuberculosis in a family had caused members of the town to exhume the bodies of three young girls in order to break the “curse” that surrounded the family. Two of which were found severely decayed, while the last girl named Mercy, was found to have very little signs of decomposition.

This led them to believe she was undead. Additional superstitious rituals followed leading to one of the strangest examples of exhumation in American history. Despite this dark and strange history, Exeter is has grown significantly over the last few decades.

There are many families and the city proves to be a great place to raise a family. Exeter has a low crime rate and serves as a suburb for people who work in the larger surrounding cities.

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