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Rhode Island, officially the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, and also known as “The Ocean State,” has a history older than the country itself! As one of the 13 original colonies, Rhode Island has been around to see the progression of America from small settlements to the world power it is today. Rhode Island was the first of the 13 original colonies that renounced their allegiance to the British monarchy. This spirit of Rhode Island’s rebellion continued throughout the rest of Rhode Island’s history. This spirit of rebellion persists in Rhode Islanders today much like with Cash For Cars Rhode Island! We rebelled against the difficulties of selling a car and have created a process so easy, simple, and innovative.

Today, Rhode Island is the smallest state by area in the country, but the second-most densely populated. There are countless historical landmarks in Rhode Island that represent the many different stages of America. From colonial to the post-Civil War Gilded Age; Rhode Island has seen it all and played key roles throughout the development of the country.

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If you need to sell your car in Rhode Island, Cash For Cars Rhode Island is the place to go. We have over 35 years of car buying experience and give fair and competitive offers. With almost 200 locations around the United States, there are no car buyers with the same experience as We have thousands of happy customers and raving reviews. What else is there to say to prove that is the best place to sell your car! It’s as easy as our three-step process.

  1. Call us and speak to an offer specialist.
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  3. Meet your tow driver for pickup, receive your check, and in 24 hours or less, you have sold your car.

We have made it as easy as possible for you to sell your car for cash. Cash for cars is in the name, it’s who we are, and it’s what we do.

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