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A Little About Lyman, Maine!

Lyman is one of those charming coastal towns that you love to explore for its authenticity, history, and proximity to sea breeze. Have you ever heard the term bedroom community? It means a town that is almost completely residential.

That term describes Lyman perfectly, with a population of less than 5,000 locals in the whole city. Lyman was first established in 1767 as a supplies and shipping port, then named Swanfield.

The original settlers were never properly documented, so there are over a dozen names listed as possible establishers in town records. One thing that is known is that the city was incorporated into Maine, officially, in 1780, then underwent a name change in honor of Theodore Lyman, a benefactor and merchant, in 1803.

Much of the surface of the town sits at an uneven slope that is, mostly, unnoticeable to anyone but surveyors. In the 1800s, farmers loved Lyman lands for its soil, which was perfect for growing grains, hay, and apples. The area thrived for produce, especially when the sawmilled and watermills brought lumbering to the city.

Unfortunately, Lyman was devastated and near burnt down in The Great Fires of 1947. Very few farmers or mill workers wanted to rebuild, so they moved, and Lyman slowly became what it is now – a charmed residential town with an abundant, intriguing history.

According to consensus stats as of 2021, there are roundabout 1,660 households in Lyman. The town is family-friendly, perfect for raising children in a quiet, peaceful coastal atmosphere.

What’s the Weather Like in Lyman?

Lyman, ME maintains a cooler climate but its closeness to the Atlantic Ocean means that sea breezes come up from warmer climates and sweep across the coast. Ergo, Lyman is much warmer than the rest of Maine. The summers even out at 80 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime, while evenings can drop to 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Winters are a little harsher with daytime temperatures in the 30-to-37-degree range, and evening temperatures in the 12-to-19-degree range. On average, it rains 7 to 9 days per month in Lyman. January is the snowiest month in all of Maine and Lyman can rack up 60 inches of average snowfall.

Two Fun Things to Do in and around Lyman, ME

Most of the things to do in Lyman, ME are outdoors. The community is active with a focus on history and nature. Both Bunganut Pond and Kennebunk Pond are fishing and camping grounds.

Both locations offer small beach areas for swims, kayaks and canoes can be launched from the banks, and the waters are almost 50-feet deep with an abundance of fish, like brook trout, brown trout, and largemouth bass.

The Alfred Shaker Museum is a transportive step back into 1793 with a museum of agriculture between Alfred, ME and Lyman, ME. Shakers were a Protestant sect of The United Society of Believes in Christ’s Second Appearance. Founded in 1747, they were a modest bunch that tied spirituality to agriculture and creativity. 

At the museum, you can see their quilts and creations, as well as marvel at their simplicity in art, furnishings, and worldly possessions. The carriage house serves as an educational center where visitors can learn about how the Shakers tended their farms, gardens, orchards, and other responsibilities.

The Best Places to Get Food in and around Lyman

Since Lyman, ME is mostly a “bedroom community,” you might have to travel up to 10 minutes outside of the city limits to find restaurants in places like Alfred, Kennebunk, and Waterboro.

Oak Street Bistro, for instance, is located in Alfred, within four miles of Lyman. With an upscale pub atmosphere, the bistro serves up delicious starters, like stuffed mushrooms, crab cakes, and fried calamari.

You can follow up with homemade French onion soup or a mixed berry salad. For entrees, locals rave about the scallops and penne, chicken marsala, or classic French dip with caramelized onions.

All desserts are fresh and made in house, like the apple, pecan, and caramel bread pudding with a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream. The Town Line Family Restaurant is one of two restaurants within Lyman city limits.

The quirky sign out from points to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all of which are served family style in heaping helpings. Fried pickles with ranch is an appetizing must-have from their menu.

You can also get homemade waffle fries, served fresh with your choice of cheese, bacon, gravy, or all three. Their crispy fried haddock also makes the favorites list for locals, as well as the Reuben sandwich, meatball and provolone sub, and buttered lobster roll.

If you crave something sweet and homemade, check out the Notre Dame Bakery, located 3 miles from Lyman. Their pastries and baked goodies are made daily, including old-fashioned lemon squares, strawberry rhubarb turnovers, apple pies, raspberry squares, and crème brulees.

Lyman, ME is one of those little cities that are historic blips on the map of the United States. It’s quaint and cozy, the kind of place you would want to stop for a cup of good coffee and a tour of what made America from the 1800s to now.

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